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Perth is part of Forbes's main places in the world

Perth has been the world's top 14 travel destination.

When arriving at number 11, Perth was the only Australian city in 2019 to make mention of Forbes Top 14 Travel Destinations.

They traveled to the capital of the WA, including Paris, Amsterdam and San Diego.

The ranking lasted for Perth in 2019 in 52 Places in 2016 in the New York Times.

Forbes accepted new developments in the city of Perth, including Yagan Square and Optus Stadium, the popularity of the city's tourism and growing up before Melbourne and Sydney.

"Exciting things are happening under Down, the latest urban development range in Western Australia," said the article.

Forbes also recommends the "foodie fest" of WA, Western Australia Gourmet Escape, Swan Valley and Perth lasting 10 days in November, and recommends the night to be uploaded to the Crown Towers.

Forbes Top 14 Travel Destinations for 2019

  • Singapore
  • Hudson Yards, New York
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Californian Central Coast
  • Vietnam
  • Grand Canyon
  • San Barts
  • Istanbul
  • San Diego
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Perth
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Anguilla

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