Wednesday , January 20 2021

Pictures of Tacko Fall, Tracy Wolfson, Grant Hill

Tacko Fall is a great human to be exact to 7 "(228 cm).

So, Central Florida University Center, along with CBS's Tracy Wolfson (5 & # 39; 2, and 157 cm) reporter, posed a picture of NCAA Martch Madness during a basketball championship, turning social media into a collapse.

It is a difference of 71 cm; Head, shoulders, and chest, around Wolfson's head around the stomach.

"I was not able to laugh at each other by myself, on the 5th," said Wolfson in the video below, and the former NBA star and CBS analyst Grant Hill (5 & # 39; 8 ", 203cm). -the same filming.

"I have a shoe shoe with a shoe size of up to six sizes. Tacko told me that sleeping with two beds is a real struggle to buy clothes and have a very difficult shower."

Hille said: "After watching this video, I felt very safe. So great!"

The height of the fall was so dramatic that Darren Rovell, a sports reporter, thought that the stars of the university would usually look like a kingship: China's Houston Rockets center is Yao Ming, 228 centimeters high.

Judge yourself. Beginning with LeBron James (203 cm), it gets really horny.

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