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Pochettino, & # 39; ego & # 39; and the need for an interpreter …

Date Published: Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 7:55

"Because I have an interpreter with security, complex questions and my answer to complex answers, it's better to have an interpreter than not interpreting anything wrong," Mauricio Pochettino said in December 2013 as the perfect English speaker has criticized, after 11 months , he continued continuously. It was definitely the best time to expect a full-time man. He spent 11 hours a day in the field of training to learn a complex language less than a year old. He never talked in English, as he was the director of Southampton, who confirmed that he had spoken more closely to the closed doors.

English-speaking media suspects Pochettino's unwillingness to face their mother tongue, because Tottenham's director made his work in the summer of 2014, and the North London club did not use any interpreter. club In August 2014, in August 2014, Telegraphe said that after a year and a half after hiding behind Southampton's translator, the Argentines were targeting Spurs fans in the original language. Hides it When Bobby Robson used to "conceal" Jose Mourinho as a Portuguese actor? Or are you hiding only by aliens?

Of course, he had nothing to do with the fans; The Saints fans of Nigel Adkins did not master Brendan Rodgers's doublespeak style, and Pochettino was the eighth place. And fans of Spurs did not work with Tim Sherwood because they intended to close her. Fans of modern football act as negligent with managers or players who use interpreter if they can communicate better; always had a problem with the media. Walter Mazzarri. With Alexis Sanchez. Pochettino.

On Monday morning, Pochettino probably never agreed to wake up to his trash in the interpreter, he wins the victory that won the "build your own truth" won by his opinion. He agreed to avoid misunderstanding on those edges for the first time and he decided not to rely on his media in English. You think you are immersed in the six years, but the immigrants who have been at the age of 20 can make mistakes. A Spaniard knows English and never learns beer, bread, and ham.

& # 39; Ego & # 39; The word is powerful and, apparently, much more than Pochettino. Asked the Twelve Columns and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer set the ease of open targets. They said that the trophies were beautiful and shining. It will be portrayed as an ambitious manager. An interpreter might use another English word (a softer English word in English), and would criticize Pochettino for losing some footballer, but the loss of soccer match was not a matter of involvement, because he won trophies under him.

"Now there is a debate about the situation in England that is a negative statement, perhaps more emerging in other countries," said Pochettino on Tuesday, clearly, very passionate but very annoying that each conversation goes back. Missing trophies and crying for this unpleasant victory.

"In the past I asked you to win a home bar to help the club move to the next level. To win the Carabao Cup or FA Cup to reach the next level, I can not agree," he said. "I want to win the cup. I'm not naive. It's amazing for me that we're talking about cups after three or four seasons. I want to build my CVs to win titles, of course, I want to win."

It's hard to argue that Pochettinus continues with what he has said and presses it repeatedly. The win of a round house will not reach Tottenham's next level; Having won the home cup if it finished in the fifth and sixth place, it would unfortunately happen. Ask Louis van Gaal. Ask Arsene Wenger. Ask Antonio Conte. What Spurs must be sustained by the Champions League football and Pochettino. In his time, he has scored more Premier League points than Manchester City. And that is relative poverty. I would look at it. So, of course, it is frustrated that all doubts are silver. & # 39; Ego & # 39; The word was wrong – it was very light, but the reason was that trophies were incompatible with a bigger image.

Pochettino will lose Manchester United as the first chance and Jose Mourinho will definitely replace it, although he is saying that he is saying that he is Real Madrid boss in Spain. They are less for those things. But there are other consequences, one of which is questioned by Pochettino before speaking in English before speaking. Complex questions are worth complex responses and the media listens to the piercing sound of a dog whistle.

Sarah Winterburn

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