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Principal was worried after a "singer"

A player who drags a young boy into a player by a player has sent shockwaves through a Melbourne school community.

The video, which was uploaded to the social media yesterday, shows Steve Warner, director of the Wyndham Vale Manor Lakes P-12 College in south-western Melbourne, on the ground by arm.

However, due to accidents that occurred due to accidents, the arrival of more than 200 parents through an online application, the footage were other parents and educational leaders.

The Minister of Education, Victoria James Merlino, has said "accumulating and surrounding" images.

"Let me be very clear, I will not tolerate this type of completely unacceptable behavior in our schools," he said.

"Independent study of the independent conduct of students will be independent and will be stopped immediately".

It is understood that the boy's family talked to the police.

They said Herald SunWhile the boys played badly, it was not dragged.

"Yes, he was wrong, but he was not physically abused by the teacher," said the relative.

"Regardless of its behavior, it should not be treated like this."

However, some parents have started a campaign to restart Mr Warner after reacting.

"The influence of the school has been enormous and the student (sic) student" reads the online request. "Steve has been tremendously dedicated to his school community."

The organizers wrote Warner "returned to school".

"The worst result of this situation would be the school's dominance and the loss of leadership, whose work has begun to take full advantage and are only good things that follow its role," they wrote.

"Exclusive work at school is not in vain because of this fake event."

Speech by the Department of Education and Training said ABC reported the video and launched an investigation.

"Every schoolmistress maintains the values ​​of the department, and they comply with child safety standards," said the spokesman.

Manor Lakes p. 12 puts a statement on the website: "Manor Lakes P-12 College staff, students and communities expect the four university's expectations and respect for behavior, to be a high, safe community of our community."

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