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Quick Games & nbsp; Continuous & # 39; Sharing with Speedrunners, sexist and transphobic comments

Yesterday, in high-speed races, there was a thread of interviews on the Twitter traction. When they had large screen views from a private discourse, conversations were discussed about women and transphobic and anti-Semitic debates.

After initial uncertainties, Speeded charity organization Games Done Quick said last night, these streamers are not represented in these events.

Twitter threadPublished by speedrunner named Andrea, it includes the main screening dialogues, such as speedrunners of two, R. White Goose, who chronicles history of speedrunning on his YouTube channel and speed like games Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye, and Graviton, like games Doom 64, Goldeneye, and Pilots 64.

Graviton played Doom 64 The Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 in January is coming next.

"I think I'm forbidden to discontinue my discord tbh," R. White Goose said in a screen, complaining that he was dominating in the cockpit and had complained of "disaster 70". "

"The worst part is not even a trance," Graviton said on another screen. "It's like getting tranny frightened for all normal women – you like the pic with apple or hands or chin looking for you."

On other screens, along with two other people, Jordan Peterson's role in women's social (care of course) was to speak of the "question of the Jews" because they referred to the Nation's rhetoric at the beginning of 1900 …

Initially, GDQ did not play at high speeds to verify the authenticity of conversations.

"To be clear: the statements made in the reports are unacceptable," read GDQ an official Twitter account official Published yesterday evening.

"They meet the criteria of action, but we can not verify or do what they did, what they did."

This did not feel well, because they believed that he had given many proofs, both in the Scanned screenshots and even more information. Kotaku Approximately DM. "I have a Disagreement ID for all messaging," he said, "and they can use them in a Disk Report. I've also sent images and user lists and names from all channels."

The members of the GDQ did not speak to interfere with the decision of the GDQ.

"As far as the note about action that is not related to your evidence is, I see it for a long time [sic] and donor, I am totally disappointed, "the only member of the community said GDQ on Twitter. "Gaming is already a knife for women, POC and LGBT people. If you do not accept it, you choose this behavior as acceptable. Smh."

"He was very disappointed that Games Quickly does not believe that this guarantees a serious investigation." said another. "You can not claim children to help misogynists, transphobia, and directly create Nazism while."

A few hours later, GDQ did not change its decision.

"After receiving additional information about the situation that has brought us attention, we have been able to confirm the authenticity of the screens we have obtained", the organization say. "That way, people will not replace GDQ events, unlimitedly."

It was not determined precisely who "questioned people". GDQ did not comment on the requests.

R. White Goose has confirmed Kotaku It would not be possible to participate in the GDQ events in Barcelona last night. However, it is worthwhile that now it has been a split split that has not been done with the 2014 GDQ.

"I fully understand the decision of the GDQ," said Twitter DM. "These screen shots show completely unconquered concepts that have lowercase concepts, ideas, and conspiracy theories. What I have said in the past is indefensible and inexcusable. I understand why people get hurt and get upset, and the reaction of my comments is completely justified" .

Kotaku He also came to Graviton, but he still did not respond as a publication. However, he made the last round of Twitter events. "When your deception achieves more followers than you run your GDQ," he said say.

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