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Recovery: The FDA warns of severe MS illness after pausing Gilenya; EC manages errors by Takeda Acquisitio


Sunday, November 21, 2018 | by Zachary Brennan

Recovery: The FDA warns of severe MS illness after pausing Gilenya; EC Returns to Takeda Acreage of Shire

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Focus: USA

  • Opposite our donut hole: The AARP announcement takes Big Pharma's lobby (Fierce).
  • US FDA Office of New Drugs Possible Deputy Head Stein Director (Pink Sheet- $)
  • The FDA warns of a severe worsening of sclerosis after stopping Gilenya medicine (FDA)
  • Apple talks to provide veterans electronic mail records (WSJ- $)
  • Walgreens, Humana Participation in pre-interview conversations (WSJ- $)
  • Head of the FDA Higher Prices Drugs Previews (Bloomberg)
  • Bernie Sanders-Trump Mental Meld on Drug Costs (Political)
  • Drug companies snub Trump Mountain Prices (Fox Business)
  • Pfizer wants to translate Hyde-Smith contributions (Endpoints) (Washington Examiner).

In Focus: International

  • The EU regulators accepted Takeda Shire's purchase disinvestment (European Commission) (In-PharmaTechnologist) (Law360- $)
  • Workshop for the improvement of support for medical developers in the creation and preparation of quality packet data for PRIME and Breakthrough Therapy applications (EMA).
  • BASF presents the main restructuring (C & EN)
  • GSK maintains its main position to access the list of medications (PharmaTimes)
  • UK providers search for more Real-World Evidence, Biosynamic Incentive Use Financial (Biosimulation Center)
  • Memorandum of Understanding between Philips Electronics Australia and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • Produce and distribute notifications about efficient field of electronic controller (MHRA)

Pharmacy and Biotechnology

  • Pharma companies put forward AI's faith in progress (Financial Times- $)
  • Pharmacogenetic Tests: Recent FDA Permit and Other Reminders (FDA Law Blog)
  • Mylan's Voluntary National Recovery Recovers 15 Valsartan Pillars (FDA).
  • Dr. Reddy-k, Mylan Win Challenge Arthritis Drug Patent (Law360- $)
  • Fed. Circus Dr. Redox Redox Block Generic Block (Law360- $)
  • Former Teva Exec Nabs $ 6.2M Bias after Judgment (Law360- $)
  • Courts Amgen v. Mylan (Big Molecule Watch Blog) denies the verdict
  • Idorsia Santhera (Fierce) extracts DMD therapy
  • Biogen works to find neurological leads by HitGen (Fierce)
  • Rentschler completes GMP completion / finishing in Austria (BioPharma-Reporter)
  • The jury found the late Aveo CFO Russian David Johnston to deceive the investor (the end)
  • What are the best and worst among the most important pharmas for the development of poor medication? (Endpoints)
  • Roche connects it with Ascletis – this time hef B drug (Adults) in commercial collaboration.
  • Clozel pituitary steroid deflazacort (end-points)
  • Astellas launches the Global Health Foundation (PharmaLetter- $)
  • LEO Pharma and PellePharm announced a $ 760 million collaboration on Rare Diseases for Advanced Therapy for Rare Diseases (Press)
  • Ligand announces OmniAb's collaboration with iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation (press)

Pharmacy and Biotechnology: results, appointments and appointments for clinical study

  • Teaching the Value of Medical Sciences in the Social Communication Age and the "Mitxel Noticias" (JAMA).
  • Open access data accepts acceptance decisions, the US FDA says (Pink page- $)
  • Calculation of the use of general insulin for type 2 diabetes, 2018-30: microsimulation analysis (Lancet)
  • Exam: Use of Biosimilar Filgrastim matches EORTC Regulations (Biosimilar Center)
  • Allergan Announces FDA Drugs to Apply General Application AVYCAZ (Press)
  • Stemline Therapeutics announces the Subsidized Study Grants for the request of the ELZONRIS marketing authorization for the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Medical devices

  • The FDA intends to organize a meeting of the Advisory Board to share available evidence and look for opinion experts on the safety and efficiency of the Smart Network (FDA)
  • Remember: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences recalls that the results of the FC 500 and EPICS XL Series Flux Cytometers are incorrect (FDA)
  • Insulet's Omnipod Dash system land ISO certification for data security (DrugDelivery)
  • Regarding the regulation of the Australian mint cup (TGA)

US: Variety & Government

  • FDA's Woodcock: "Clinical trial system has broken" (BiopharmaDive)
  • Lawyer: Key Finger's Drug Software Framework Linger (InsideHealthPolicy- $)
  • Appointment Request for Appointment for Advanced Therapies for Reconstructive Therapy (RMAT) by CBER (FDA)
  • Comparison of average prices and average price prices: results for the second quarter of 2018 (HHS OIG).
  • Trump admin approves requests for work requirements for Medicaid in Kentucky (Policy)
  • Acthar Proposed Giveaway Program suffers from Kickback worries, OIG Says (Pink Sheet- $)
  • Pharmacy sector legislation: United States case (SSRN)
  • The FDA warns that the marketer of products has serious conditions for non-disproportionate claims of tianeptin, the use of opioid disorders (FDA)

Next meetings and events

General health and other interesting articles

  • Romaine lettuce is not safe to eat, CDC warns US consumers (Washington Post)
  • Why do not we all vaccinate? (NY Times- $)
  • Scientists try to create a contraceptive to close the sperm (Stat)
  • Taking Google Health Records creates the patient's privacy fears (Bloomberg)
  • BioMarin Sponsors On Off-Broadway Hemophilia (Reuters) (BioSpace)

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