Friday , June 18 2021

Red Bull missed the best overtaker & # 39; Formula 1 Daniel Ricciardo – F1

Red Bull team director Christian Horner says that Daniel Ricciardo is the driver of the exit, being the best one to beat in Formula 1.

The latest Raul Renault rider's departure from Red Bull, Sunday ahead of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, held an honorary guard at the team's hospitality factory before the race.

When Horner slowed down, he made a homage to the radio, highlighting seven wins and sharing the "good times".

Ricciardo has become one of the toughest players in the Red Bulle during the F1 season, winning many wins, depending on alternative strategies or misfortune.

Horner deceived Ricciardor's ability to race as it was worrying that Red Bull decided to return to Mark Webber's 2014 return.

"He has been pleased with the warm up in the last five years," said Horner's self-portrayal.

"It has been with Red Bull since 2007, and it has been a good thing to see growing and evolving.

"Ironically, in front of Mark Webber's dilemma, Jean-Eric Vergne was there, Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen.

"And the main concern of our Daniel was not his pace, we did not see a wheelchair wheeled with Toro Rosso.

"Since he's got Red Bull Racing on his car, he has just advanced, and it's definitely the best thing about the business.

"He drives us some wonderful races."

Ricciardo Red Bull sponsored his junior career with his wheelchair and initially reached F1 with HRT in the mid-2011 season for two Toro Rosso.

Prior to Abu Dhabi, he admitted that he was a very emotional family of the Red Bulle, but he had to change, "because he had to do it alone and take my decision." My best version. "

Horner said that Ricciardo was the driver of Red Bull.

"His identity has been a huge brand," he said.

"In the group, its energy was so popular, its dynamics and Max [Verstappen]You just got to look at the bad things you got, it's great. "

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