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Resistance training, once a week, as little as the benefits of elderly people

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According to recent research, resistance training improves the health of the over 65, and the benefits are also prepared once a week. The benefits are blood values, muscle strength and mental well-being.

"We have had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose or high levels of inflammation, and we have improved our training program in our nine months. Two or three times a week, training is not a big deal among these people," says Simon Walker. PhD, Sport and Health Sciences Faculty at the University of Jyväskylä.

International organizations and nations make resistance training at all times twice a week. The study also shows that the number of strengths, muscle growth and loss of fat were maximized, making it more hours per week.

"But other important measures for the elderly, such as the ability to do everyday life, for example, once a week seemed to be enough. Improving the strength of the toilet, the escalator for making shopping bags, climbing up and down the stairs improves training," says Walker.

Training welfare is also beneficial

Credit: University of Jyväskylä

Overall welfare, which has been tested through psychological measures, has also been improved over the nine-month period of training. Similarly, there were no real differences every week every two weeks once they were trained twice or once a week. The researchers underlined the importance of exercise and psychological well-being in the period studied as after the end of the study, as were people who continued in continuous training. The researchers point out that their studies show the importance of the resistance to elderly people, and it must be taken into account that a long time can be taken every week.

"We need to remember that these people were enthusiastically and safely trained when they were with us. We carefully direct all the training sessions, ensure that they have used the correct technique and always try to improve the training load with previous training sessions," Walker added.

Resistance training improves the quality of life and the psychological functioning of older adults

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Resistance training, once a week, the most beneficial people of the elderly (2019, February 27).
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