Saturday , January 16 2021

Results of the Euro2020 classification, goals, video, highlights: Moise Kean records, Sergio Ramos Panenka, Italy vs. Finland, Spain vs. Norway

They have been a few years old for Italian football, but a 19-year-old young man has given gunpowder to the nation at the first international premiere.

Young Finns Juventus Moise Kean was the first striker since 1912 in Finland, won over 2-0 in Finland, and also won the first place to become the youngest national player in the country. team

Italy, won in Spain

Italy, won in Spain


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On the other hand, Sergio Ramos has sent Panenka a great penalty while winning in Norway in Spain 2-1. In Switzerland, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sweden and Ireland has also been a non-profit.

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