Saturday , September 25 2021

Scientist's child genes edition reacts to fuel claims

He also moved from university studies to exclude himself from being seven pairs of embryos from fertility treatment.

Associate Professor in Hong Kong on Monday said a pregnancy had a DNA virus two years ago, with respect to AIDS infection.

In the exclusive interview with the Associated Press, he determined his work with pairs that change embryonic DNA during IVF.

All parents had HIV and the couple signed their consent forms to participate in HIV vaccine testing.

"The society decides what to do next," said the video.

The claim has not been published or published by magazines nor published in magazines; Therefore, the evaluation of science should be applied.

BBC mentioned Professor Robert Winston, Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London, and said: "If they are a fake report, they are scientific misconduct and irresponsible. It's true that science is still not the case."

The University of Shenzhen Science and Technology said it did not work until Monday to read media reports.

The university carried out its own biology school experimentation and its academic committee believes that it is "a very serious violation of academic professionalism".

At work

He left in February and the university contacted Monday to discuss reports, the university said in a statement and created an independent investigation.

The violence against the Chinese sciences and research community was built on Monday in the media, calling for regulators.

"Chinese science's popularity and global development is a major blow, especially in biomedical research. Most scholars in research and innovation in China are very unfair," said the letter.

Hundreds of scientists were signed, the letter said "it was a great risk for the direct transformation of human embryos and the effort to produce a baby."

World-wide, biomedical scientists do not intend to do such work because of the risk of mistakes that will cause long-term and deep future generations.

"These irreversible transformations of genetic genetic material, which are not highly scientific, will necessarily be confused with the genes of the human genes," he warned.

While the two babies were born healthy, the future potential of human potential was followed by the procedure, it was essential, the letter said.

Scientists called for rapid regulation investigators.

"The Pandora box has been opened, and we can close an opportunity before it is irreparable," they said.

Associate Professor worked at the University of Stanford before consolidating the "Mil Talentas Program" laboratory before being attracted to China in the United States, in order to gather the Chinese government's leading international experts in research and technology innovation.

Kirsty Needham is a correspondent of China, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

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