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Scott Morrison warns of the response of the Royal Bank Commission

The smallest loan reduction would have affected the economy and hurt small businesses, he warned.

In an interview, Prime Minister Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg insisted on the government's willingness to take advantage of the report's recommendations, after studying the beautiful printout of the weekend after receiving the findings. It added the pace of small business loans, which is below the average for the previous year, "and therefore we need to be very aware of the credit flow guarantee report."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is campaigning for Brisbane this week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is campaigning for Brisbane this week.Credit:Dominic Lorrimer

Australian banks have recently narrowed down on new loans to companies and future buyers. Morrison called the "reactionary instinctual" reaction committee.

According to data from the Reserve Bank, according to data published on Thursday, total Australian housing loans show a significant increase: it grew by 4.7% in the previous year, 6.3% down on the previous year. Investor housing debt grew 1.1 percentage points on the basis of the double digit growth in 2015.

"No one is the easiest way to ensure anybody's money, but no one gives any money, everyone is hurting, so I think it's sensible," said Morrison.

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Large banks question polls by Hayne's release, campaigns on election campaigns may respond to policymakers. In fact, the industry's appeal to the public did not affect, and the consultations had the main political issues, since Labor proposed. At the beginning of 2016.

"What the royal commission has found so far does not mean they are called non-financial financing," said Mr. Morrison. "So, there is no problem with the stability of the system, but there are real problems with their behavior and I fully understand it, but we must be careful, be careful what you want."

The Prime Minister will go to the May polls that will bring Bill Short as economic risk.

"It has been shortened in the classification of such populists and it is not encouraging social finance policy," he said. "It has been a difficult task to make all the cards that are very political, too. But as the prime minister was, you'll undermine your financial system as one of the worst things in your business.

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Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen said Lanak trusted in rebuilding the trust in the financial sector.

"Work also understands that the banking sector understands the critical importance of the Australian economy, but bad banks or crime do not have a coercive service," Bowen said.

While talking about Brisbane's margins of marginal seats, Morrison also says Australia has survived its global financial crisis due to its strong financial system.

"Kevin Rudd did not have a reason for the budget, because banks had loans, and one of them was not introduced. All banks that were falling in the UK and other countries – it was US blood cedar."

Mr. Morrison praised Justice Hayne as well as tightening the loan market and ending February ending.

The doors began in March and the Labor calls were completed in November to open the timeline, a broader scope and presentations presented by more than 10,140 individuals and groups.

"I would dismiss all the suggestions, as the royal committee did not receive any deliveries," said Mr. Morrison. "They and I think they do not have a job suggestion that the real commission and the work they do is attacked."

The Federal Editor Bevan Shields and The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Director Canberra Office.

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