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Sebastian Vettel video of the crash, the F1 test in Barcelona

Four times the world champion Sebastian Vettel admitted that Ferraria left Ferrari and the obstacles to the Formula 1 tests on Wednesday were crashed.

He dropped the car after the 45-minute German car after the accident and fled.

"We do not know," Vettel said why he asked Ferrari Ferrari at the speed of the Turn Three at 241km / h.

"There was a problem with acceleration. I did not control the car, so we are trying to understand what happened. It is not appropriate.

"After the impact, we had a lot of repairs".

Vettel's accident and subsequent investigations were the Ferrari team, Charles Leclerc could not set a time.

Vettel made the fastest 18 minute 18.195 seconds.

Carlos Sainz, McLaren, was the fastest in the lap of 1: 17,166 in the 130 laps, the third fastest in Mexico Sergio Perez with Racing Point after finishing 1: 17,962 and 88.

Sainz's teammate Lando Norris made tiles on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, the world champion, was the fastest ninth in Mercedes, with a 18-week lead in the 943-second lap on the 102th lap.

"We won a lot in today's laps, it's a good thing, but we've had a little bit of an obstacle, so we are doing our best to understand the reasons that are the most responsible, specifically testing," said Hamilton.


Carlos Sainz (ESP / McLaren-Renault) 1: 17,166 (130 laps), Sergio Perez (MEX / Racing Point-Mercedes 1: 17,962 (88), Sebastian Vettel (GER / Ferrari) 1: 18,195 (40), Kimi Raikkonen FIN 1: 18,330 (120), Max Verstappen (NED / Red Bull-Honda) 1: 18,395 (128), Daniil Kvyat (RUS / Toro Rosso-Honda) 1: 18.682 (101), Valtteri Bottas (FIN / Mercedes): 1: 18,941 (74), Lewis Hamilton (GBR / Mercedes): 1: 18,943 (102), Nico Hulkenberg (GER / Renault): 1: 19,056 (58), Robert Kubica (POL / Williams-Mercedes) 1: 19,367 (130), Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / Renault): 1: 22,597 (72), Charles Leclerc (MON / Ferrari) – time not set

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