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Senate Plenary calls the "Comprehensive Opinion"


In the Senate, it is recommended that the Federal Government "make a complete review of video game testing reports", called the "micro-transaction of the game of choice elements", also known as the vote query, presented its report to the Parliament.

The Senate approved the consultation carried out at the end of June, originally as a report on the 17th of September 17th. The Commission extended a two-month period to provide more testimony. The report was presented by Hanson-Young Greens Senator this afternoon

The main discovery of the report enables the Department of Communications and Art, the Department of Social Services, ACMA, ACCC and the eSafety Commissioner's Office to review the essay boxes. This review, it was suggested, would also have to "do more research on gaming potential due to the interaction of the lakes in boxes".

The report states that "considering" global consensus "is not considered as an attempt to reach" not even reach a uniform way of addressing the problem. "

Recommendation 1

5.16 The Commission recommends that the Australian Government complete a review of video game testing kits. The review should be directed to the Department of Communications and Arts with ACMA, with the ACCC, the Electronic Security Commissioner's Office, the Classification Committee and the Department of Social Services.

5.17 This review would have to do more research as a result of the interaction between cause-related causes of the game; Identify the voids of any law or policy that may be in Australia's regulatory frameworks; Analyze the suitability of the classification scheme in boxes of video game boxes; It must be taken into account that the consumer protection frameworks are properly managed by the single box; and ensure that the Australian problem approach is consistent with international counterparts.

The Commission stated that Dr. Zendle and Cairns, a study called "only empirical evidence", showed a link between testing boxes and playful problems, that more research should be justified. The report said the attempted gearboxes that avoided the "analogous tests" were "credible" to other game modes:

In addition to the analogous discovery, the game was investigated in a general way, the potential of the mechanical testing equipment and the potential damage associated to the gameplay. We have found this finding to be compelling, especially as the testing boxes demonstrate the use of psychological mechanisms of other types of games.

The Commission's report recognizes "common concerns" around the essay boxes, but supports video games and games, the Department of Communications and Arts (which supervises the Classification Committee), ACMA, ACCC, including the Department of Social Services. , and eSafety Commissioner's Office.

The commission that is not recommended by the Commission recognizes the strongest link between inequalities sent, testing boxes or micro-transitions.

Australian Green, whose senator Jordon Steele-John headed the top-level consultations, most of whom disagreed with the findings and criticized members of Labor and Coalition without being ignored.

"It was because children, young people, and even adults were also at risk from the risks associated with serious risks related to the game," Steele-John said.

In conclusion, the Greens called to the Qualification Committee for the evaluation and evaluation of the game, the essay box that includes the psychological definition of the game "R18 can give you the opportunity to make money." Virtual items that have money-laundering mechanisms that allow monetization, but because psychological criteria are still adapted, must be classified as MA15.

"We do not believe that implementing measures, such as labeling and classification, are so beneficial that the video game industry's profitability would be compromised," the party argued.

The Berdets, however, thanked the local videogame industry for establishing parental controls on platforms and consoles. "It's clear that Australia's video game sector is willing to interact with regulators to address community concerns and develop appropriate responses," said Greens.

Through the questionnaire, 42 separate articles on 42 statutory organs, state legislatures, the game industry, individuals and academics were created. The most powerful public announcements were public and academics, as well as some government sectors, including the Attorney General of Queensland and the Justice Minister.

The Senate Survey will be back in Loot Boxes today

They have been delayed twice to provide further evidence, the federal investigation into testing boxes will make these discoveries on the table this afternoon, as Kotaku Australias understands.

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Developers and publishers of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association argued that the essay boxes did not have "optional optional" micro-translators, and "publishers, developers and platforms typically do not avoid kiosks, virtual items or game points". secondary markets

"Loot kutxa uses" the same mechanics as surprise and enjoyment "by commercial cards, Kinder Surprises and many other consumers over the years," argued the industry advocates.

This line of argument was directed by individuals and academics, former editor Kotaku and assistant Jeremy "Junglist" Ray Kinder Surprise or a commercial card. "Often what you get is minuscule or zero value, and often you've won something before it's duplicated," Ray wrote.

"The probabilities that earn a lot of valuable value are carefully calculated, not only because the house always wins, but the players have always won."

Among the shipments of industry and government, it was recommended to update the common thread classification system. Paul Newson's Liquor Gaming & Racing NSW Secretary Paul Newson has proposed that the game's features increase the level of classification of games in play, even though the game is not the same, consumers may have more protection from harm. "

"Games with unexpected junk boxes also describe a description of the game's game," said IGEA. Additionally, gambling games said that reducing theft games should be used to reduce "recreational elderly players". .

NSW and Victoria Push Loot Boxes must be classified

Within a month, until the question about the "options based on the option of a game of micro-transports," the senator has consulted, the essay boxes and such reports have been returned, submission submissions for queries have been published.

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