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Spice Girl Mel B says Eddie Murphy is "a great love" of her new life book


His vomiting relationship ended with a surprise pregnancy, the bitter battle for child support, but still Melanie Brown, Mel B, emphasized that Eddie Murphy He has a special place in his heart.

43-year-old Spice Girl made a striking revelation Good Morning Britain Yesterday, as he promoted his new memory, Brutally honest, where the actor writes about the "great love" of his life.

"It will always be", Brown confirmed the host Piers Morgan. "I mean, I've never talked before [in] This book, I wanted to face many people because of what was really wrong with something that happened. "


Brown's couple got together at a supper dinner in 2006, and from the beginning he was "intense". Then, they were nine months before they got pregnant, daughter, Angel. At that time, Brown said People Murphy, at the age of 57, did not want to be related to Angel, and he also had a father's test, which later proved to be a biological father.

"Mr Murphy and Ms Brown are very dated and have never done any plans," the publisher announced. "Angel acknowledges paternity, and Ms Brown has received support and covers her pregnancy costs."

Mel B with her daughters (from left to right) Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Angel Brown and Madison Brown Belafonte. (Getty)

Over the years, couples have learned from Angel's parents, and they have gone well with Murphy taking care of his daughter when he made his book career.

"It's a beautiful person, it's the whole family, and it's a very respectful and very old school, and we've had to overcome it for some time now," Brown explains. "And by the end of the day, we have a beautiful daughter together, Angel, who is 11 years old, and I was really staying with her right now.

When Brown had said that "love was at first glance", when Murphy knew it, they would not have a relationship and they were "like an endless love story".

But host Morgan asked her to revive her love with Murphy new is divorced, Brown immediately spoke of the fact that the actor was "a beautiful and committed relationship".

"Her mistress is expecting her second child as expected a few weeks." So I will not say anything about it, "said Brown, 39 year-old Murphy's Aussie fiancée Paige ButcherWhen pregnant baby is pregnant. It will be a baby Murphy's tenth baby.

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