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Tesla & # 39; weeks from death & # 39; this year

ELON Musk admitted that Tesla had "weeks" outside the death row this year, to achieve the 3 production sedan model.

Speaking Axios on HBO, billionaires revealed that the tension of recent years is their physical and mental health.

"Tesla was really a threat to death this year due to ramp production Model 3," he said. "We were in a single number weeks".

Musk said the company was "crazy like fleeing the money and solving these problems in a short time, we would die and solve it very difficult."

After losing several self-imposed deadlines, Tesla finally produced a 5,000 model for 5 weeks during the week over the last seven days of June. In the last month, the company reported the first quarterly profits for 2016, surprising analysts.

"I was working seven days a week, sleeping in a factory, I was at the paint shop, general assembly, body shop," said Musk HBO.

Asked if he was worried about "imploding himself," Musk said: "Yes, absolutely, nobody would have to put up a lot of hours in this job, this is not good. People should not work hard. My brain and my heart are damaged."

He was confronted with the goal of making Tesla's production target for $ 1 billion worth of debt – about US $ 230 million, in November, without enough money to start the company.

"As I have said, we must prove that it is a tesla that can be sustainably profitable," said the reporter in the last month's profit statement. "This was an important step in this quarter."

Musk informed customers of their first Australian shipments sent from March 3, 2016 to their model 3 model deposits.

Following taxes and import duties, the cheapest model 3 will be around 80,000 vehicles, matching the Mercedes-Benz C300 or Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro.

Managing senior electric carmaker has endured long-term scandals by personal and professional.

He made a US $ 40 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and allegedly won by Musk with some tweets in August, suggesting funding for private companies.

Musk has also sought to defame Vernon Unsworth, an expert in Britain, with the help of the cave rescue in Thailand earlier this year to call him Twitter's "paedo guy".

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