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The Australian star talks about his success

Aussie Star Ashleigh Barty demonstrated how to rise above women's tennis after the brilliant 2019 style, her best career appearance in Australia's Open Quarter in the Grand Slam.

For the first time Petra Kvitova said it was a definitive loss to be a finalist, as Barty advanced in the second week of openness, as he maintained when he maintained his tension. who drives to its new heights.

Pressure is a factor in the fall of the top hopes of the Australian Open, with Sam Stosure, especially the best part of a decade struggling with that burden.

Kvitova Barty Party ends

But Barty said that his team was currently being isolated above his own pressure and that the massive spectacular crowd and TV had been positively becoming a sequel to Australia's summer.

"No, no, no," Barty replied, asked Kvitov for his loss.

"It was Petra, it really was. Of course, I began to play a couple of weeks in Sydney a week ago, and set off and went to Melbourne.

"So I did not regret it, I enjoyed them for a single minute and I did not play in my stadium for the fourth round of Maria Cup.

"Obviously, I was super-excited, I was in my first quarter and I did not feel well. I made all my preparations, I made enough balls, I did all the work, and then it was just to stay and run."

When Barty said his loss, Kvitova said he has been better than it has been for the past 22 years, which has now become the No. 14 brand in the world.

"First of all comes from my family," he said.

"Mother and father keeps me grounded and I know it's very lucky that I sacrifice a lot of my dreams behind me to play tennis and so my sister is so, so I think my family starts and I'm worried about the tennis court there's nothing left behind And if you do not see a smile on your face, if you do not win and lose it, it's not one of those special things. "

Barty's back

While the family lived and enjoyed Barty's life, he was fortunate enough to play an autochthonous role, the Australian tennis legend and Evulle Goolagong-Cawley, the seventh Grand Slam champion.

"We are very busy in January, so it was so special since the match between his and his husband Roger. I know he enjoyed tennis all the fortnight, but I think it's very special that I was playing," said Barty.

"I know he has been there and he has done so and he is one of the most successful indigenous athlete athletes in Australia, because he turns back and my back is very good."

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