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The benefits of physical activity: it allows them to learn

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Regular physical activity is projected for seven years in your life; It significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and breast cancer and cancer of the colon; It helps to manage blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight; You keep your brain sharp if you are young or old; strengthens bones and muscles; And it reduces the odds that develop mental health conditions such as depression and alleviates the symptoms.

Try to remember, because you are helping move: Australian research has found people who know specific benefits of physical activity.

"Most people know that physical activity is good for health, some people do not know the specific benefits of physical activity, and that specific knowledge affects their physical activity positively," said Stephanie Schoeppe, a leading researcher, in a statement by a senior researcher at Central Queensland University.

Schoeppe and his team conducted an electronic survey of 615 surveys on Australian adult questionnaires: how much did they know how much they did.

Practically everyone who understood the physical activity is good for health.

But beyond this level of basic knowledge, few can detect the benefits of physical activity and the physical risks of physical inactivity.

On average, participants were able to identify 13 of 13 illnesses associated with physical activity.

As foreseen by the researchers, those who have been more aware of the specific conditions related to physical inactivity have had more activity levels.

More than half did not know how many exercises should be done a week. (FYU, government directions At least 150 minutes of activity should be given in two sessions with moderate intensity and muscle intensity activities.) However, this knowledge was not associated with any physical activity.

The study has limits: most of the surveyed women were women (discoveries would not be generalized to men) and self-evaluated physical activity (these data could be incorrect).

The study can not even say that encouraging exercise self-improvement is encouraged, but researchers have "understandable" behavioral research.

The study is published in the newspaper PLUS ONE.

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