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The city goes through the hottest summer day so far

Sydney puts on current rumors, amazed by the hottest and most cushy days in the summer. At 12.30 it reached more than 35.

In Tasmania, bushfires still raging in the north of Queensland, the monsoon continues its worst as a warning "the worst flood in the region". More than 350 million people fell in some parts of the state only 24 hours ago yesterday.

On Thursday, SydneyCBD 40C is planned foreseen. In the summer, in the west of Sydney they exceed 40C markings regularly – and probably nowadays – but breezes of the sea usually moderate CBD temperatures sometimes, at a temperature of 10 degrees cooler.

But not now in the west and CBD 40C shared in the same max. According to the Meteorological Office (BOM), the highest temperature in Sydney reached January 5, at 37.8 C on January 5. It must return to January 7, 2018, to overtake the Sydney 40C, when the city reaches 43.4C.

"The risk of fire diminishes dramatically in most areas of Thursday, but in New South Wales there will be very hot temperatures pushing around 40C in Sydney." Sky News Weather Channel The meteorologist Tristan Meyers said.

Newcastle 39C and Penrith 40C can have a bit cooler in the mid-eighties in the mid-thirties. Stormy and 35C in Canberra.

Later in the afternoon, things had to change in the cold fronton that crossed Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

"Fortunately, the NSW will go south to remove the damp air humidity in the Sydney, Wollongong and Hunter airport, in light air," said Meyers.

With wild weather, it can be warned by the BOM warning, a southern buster can cause harmful winds.

The cooler weather will see the rise of 25C in the city on Friday, shaking the weekend at 30C. Penrith will be on 26C on Friday, Wollongong 21C and Newcastle 23C. Inland areas will be hot in the weekend of Dubbo 36C and Moree in the 37C summit race.

Southward, fire danger was not over, said Mr. Meyers.


"In Tasmania, we have seen the main bushfires, tens of thousands of hectares, which affect homes and properties, and we see that the cool weather is clear that it will be more dangerous for the weekend."

Hobart Today, 18C is facing rising steeply from 31C.

The health authorities report the situation to men for bulging bombs from Tasmania firefighters to evict their homes from home.

Mark Veitch, a public health state, sent a statement on Cygnet and its environmental healthcare.

"Bushfire smoke is harmful and can cause serious health conditions."

The Tasmanian Fire Service has warned that fires in the Huon Valley are approaching urban areas and throw 1-kilometer alleyways.

Melbourne he will see the highest of two days in the thirty-low mercury until Saturday 31C will last, and then the 38C shake on Sunday, when the heat returns with revenge.

It's a similar story Adelaide, but before today's 25C and then 37C Saturday. Residents Perth They will see today's 38C, but Western Australia's capital has already been three days past this month. But mercury is coming down in Perth and it will come into the twenties during the weekends.

30C marks and storms will be around Darwin As it rains, the monsoons have a great impact. The edges between 30 mm and 45 mm are possible.


Queensland, Brisbane In the 30s, it is rarely the chance to touch rain.

This has not happened in the northern North American rumor: "We are not yet in the midst of this storm's event, we are still still hundreds of millimeters," said Mr Meyers.

"This is the worst flood in the region."

Cairns seeks a torrential rain every day the next week, 60 mm to 120 mm or 150 mm and during the weekend. It will be about 28C tall.

Innisfail could see it up to 200 mm and Townsville was not much less.

In Bluewater, in northeastern North Townsville, after residents, after more than a quarter of a quarter of an hour, homes are housed.

Cars were cleaned and homes were severely flooded due to flooding of kitchen stoves in water.

Autonomous Bluewater Creek banks exploded and did not contain 365 millimeters rain on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m.

In the northeast of Tully, in the south of Townsville, there is a severe weather warning, there is also a possibility of new floods.

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