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The high ice cliff can cause high birth rates and sea-level rise – Eurasia Review

Glaciers that emit ice sheets, such as Antarctica or Greenland
Ocean discharges ending at the final vertical ends. Glacier
It is poured into the sea, the ice fragments break.
While there is a lot of back in the face when the ocean's ice melts,
Over the ice cliff falls down, presents a new study to other methods
birth: slumping. This process may be much larger parts
ice faster

The ice rink was promoted on a helicopter
Glaciers of Jakobshavn and Helheim on the eastern coast of Greenland. Helheim
It ends suddenly in the ocean, in vertical ice cave
30-story height (100 meters). In the flight, scientists saw it big
cracks (called mouths), on the ice on the last side

"Geologists have been worrying over the decades for centuries
slumps, "says Richard Alley, co-author of the new Geology magazine
a drop occurs when the mass of rocks or sediments is lost.
It moves away from the neighboring land and the slope slides down.
Usually, slumps drops rugged scarp where material is broken
Outside, a block of material fell downwards.

Alley says the research team has stated that Helheim is the glacier's characteristics
They are typical of what you can see on a terrestrial landscape
and asked them what the ice fate could have endured. "You got it
waterproof for use as a head cloth and then you will receive strains
water level maximized, "he says.

In order to test slumping ice rinks, the team continued with Helheim
Glacier in an event of birth, with real ground landing radar
interferometery They measure speed, position and movement
ice socket Researchers have seen ice acceleration
before an initial drop, with a rotating thickness of ice
glacier birth – including full ice cliff.
above and above the water.

It promotes elimination of the removal of the top ice surface
under the ice up "Because it is attached to the back,
it will rotate a little, "says Alley, turning it on
to form the bottom of the glacial ice when the ice falls. At the same time,
The crisis weakens the ice, creating a great event – all
due to the initial drop in the ice rink.

After the drop in the drop in the team, the team modeled
when the events collapsed on the ice shelf. The
He studied modeling of ice traction, shear and compression failure
Cliffs and ice characteristics. Scientists found it
Cliffs that reach over ice over 100 meters
It happens to be slumping.

Alley has said regular nutrition events are pretty slow, for example
When it is poured over the ice front, the ice reduces and weakens
abyss "But that is not really, really, it will be very quick
because you need to wait for the collapse, "he says.

With the fall, the focus collapses without waiting.
"We will soon fall … the basic player … boom," he says
The 100-meter-frozen water that grows on ice will occur
– And 900 meters below water – very fast.

And the ice of 1000 meters at the same time is not the limit. Alley says
In some parts of the Antarctic, ice glacial can be 1500 times
2,000 meters above sea level, creating a higher cliff over water.
He says the worries are that they can face even higher cliffs
slumping. "The scary thing is if Western Antarctic pieces begin
Helheim makes what makes the models of the next hundred years
They indicate that they are rapidly gaining sea level rates
it is planned, "says Alley.

The understanding of the slump-break process has been the collaboration
Enough, Alley says, and more research will be forthcoming
in the future "We want to understand the rules [ice] fractures
This process and others, "says Alley, adding that they hope to add it
More observational data and improved patterns are better
understand slump-break process. "There is still work to be done".

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