It's made up of two well-known brothers, Trese Brothers, Cory and Andrew Trese. His studio focuses on the development of mobile strategy games. After years of well-deserved. Last August, Trese Brothers released a new release on its market in popular Star Traders series, and many fans asked the title to be always on Android. Matt Gallegos, an ad that covers Eurogamer, Star Traders: Frontiers will finally play on the Play Store on January 30.

Star Traders: Frontiers are available for the last six months on PC, just enough to find reviews and game videos to find out how to play. In most cases, it is a RPG-based science-based themed strategy, while you get your spacecraft and crew command, such as a pirate, merchandise or rewarding fabric. Although the reception was positive at the beginning of the beginning at the beginning, and devs definitely kept two hands on the wheel all the time, the changes made in the last six months have been a lot.

It's been a bit for Android's unveiling at the Android Trese Brothers game; So it's nice to see some of the love I'm going to put on our table next week to Star Traders: Frontiers Note. We know that the launch will be on January 30 and will be equivalent to the PC's version of the game and its content to $ 6.99. So, if you're a fan of strategy-makers with deep mechanics and hundreds of hours of content, you want to be sure of Star Traders's next premiere: Frontier is in your radar.