Monday , July 4 2022

The most common to see during pregnancy complications


According to Mental Health America, 24 million people with mental illness do not seek treatment or do not need the help they need. Therefore, for various reasons, if your mental health is not the most important way in your physical way, it can be the most important thing: stomach ache, headache, high blood pressure, etc.

He is pregnant when he is struggling with mental and emotional health, because stress does not affect the body and the baby as well.

"We know that pregnancy during pregnancy can be very harmful to treat depression or anxiety during pregnancy," said Dr. Patricia De Marco Centeno, INSIDER. "Obstetric results, for example, have a baby with a lower birth rate than pregnancy, preeclampsia rates and the highest C-section, and try to take care of the depressions of their mothers, eat them properly and behave more dangerously, for example , smoking, drinking, birth visits, etc. "

Additionally, the medical director of Mental Health at the Hospital's Hospital in the New York Hospital Hospital has given birth to a mum that is suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health during pregnancy, causing different signs and a number of negative effects. child neurochemistry and development outside abdomen In other words, the mental health of pregnancy may have a long duration after her child.

"The focus of stress on a depressed or insolent mother can lead to changes in the neurochemical child in an" enemy "environment, predisposing children to future anxiety and depression."

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