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The price of the WestJet passenger was $ 22k to be paid at the "cost of fuel" after diverting the plane

Here is a good reason not to be in the airport bar before your flight.

If you have too many and your antics can divert the plane, it will not be the risk of negligence and worrying about international news as well, it would also force you to cover the high cost of the aircraft aircraft aircraft.

That was discovered by the British in Calgary, Canada after a WestJet flight to London, which was "completely annoying".

David Stephen Young, at the age of 44, was guilty of the Canadian Supreme Court, not having respected the security guidelines and the anti-detention measures of 4 January.

The Court of Young, 18 months before the flight had survived alcohol, was in the airport with six drinks that were waiting for the aircraft.

Young returned to Britain after his mother visited Canada and declined the family and marriage breakdown, according to Canadian CBC News.

In the plane, Young was bombarded with cabin crew and a friend, and tried to escape again.

His bad behavior lasted for an hour, and the flight's crew set out to fly and return to Calgary.

CBC's WestJet aviation pilot flew over 9000 kg of fuel and flown for 45 minutes to burn more fuel to keep the airport safe at the airport.

In court Brian Stevenson, the young person must pay $ 22,300 to offset the fuel loss company.

In the "order that the general public can send a message about what is going to happen, if the law breaks in a similar way," said the judge.

The loss of WestJet, including compensation for other passengers, could be over $ 210,000, CBC said.

The prosecution asked for a $ 68,000 reduction order, but the judge did not want to send him out of the Loss.

Young expressed a weakened state during his flight.

"It is necessary to feel the sympathy for the court, but as in the penal legislation, it is necessary to say that the victim's voice must be heard," he said.

The youngsters will return to the UK after a few days.

Earlier this month, Sydney's Gold Coast Scoot flight had to make an emergency landing in Sydney, unexpectedly trying to fight other passengers and travel.

The Australian Federal Police said the studies were incessant and were not charged.

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