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The ruling resolution, Video of the movie "Pac-Man", is committed to Pellen

Pell attorneys wanted to approach the jury, but the chief court ruled by Peter Kidd.

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In the aftermath of the evil cardinal of the 77-year-old, in December 1996 the 13-year-old chorus of the choir was abducted by the cruelty of two abuses, and one of the boys started the following year.

Pell is in jail on March 13.

On December 5, Pell's lawyer, Robert Richter, QC, on the last day, ended the jury's end-of-day trial of cardinal sexual assault.

With key points at power points presented at Power Point, Richter wanted to play a 19-minute video.

Pell's attorneys thought that this would be reinforced in December 1996, on Sunday, on Saturday, when Pelle did not abuse sexual abuse in December 1996, when he had never argued, the parishioners met in the previous steps, went unnoticed if the procession went out and the sacristy, When the skins were tied to Pell, the mass was busy.

The videos, legal staff for Pell employees, were the color points that move within the cathedral floor plan. Participants for each representative: from Pell to body, altar servers and choreographers.

Saint Patrick's sacristy, Pell boys boys room.

Saint Patrick's sacristy, Pell boys boys room.Credit:Darrian Traynor

But after seeing the video, the prosecutor's office would be worried that they would unconsciously believe in a precise reconstruction and not a representation.

& # 39; & # 39; Pac-Man moves around the cathedral, & # 39; & # 39; Attorney Mark Gibson, SC, said judge Kidd jury was outside the room.

Kidd Judge, in the end, denied that Richter was to show the video and Pell's lawmakers intended to use the judgment as a tool to attract the conviction of the cord.

In that test, Pell's lawyer argued for the movement of witnesses on video with evidence of witnesses.

Attorney Ruth Shann and Robert Richter outside of the Supreme Court last year.

Attorney Ruth Shann and Robert Richter outside of the Supreme Court last year.Credit:Jason South

Mr Richter's colleague, Ruth Shann, said the video was clearly demonstrated by the witnesses, and they argued for their inclusion, so they could absorb the jury, pictorially, what they said.

& # 39; & # 39; XXI. We're in the century and we're visually communicating help, "said Shann.

& # 39; & # 39; In the defense of the cardinal he does not want to be stoned. & # 39; & # 39;

Then Kidd did not show a jury.

There was a fluid evidence about people's movement, he said, but the video showed people with "specificity". Where were the "jury" was a great question.

Six days later, Pell, 77, was the culprit of all the expenses. The prison sentence is now waiting.

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