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The study shows innocent aggressors showing dangerous bee virus

Researchers at the University of Sydney have found a relationship between tissue sucking Varroa Honey bee virus and sugar, it's probably misunderstood.

The study questions the long-lasting challenges of the parasite Varroa The Myth transmits the deformed Wing virus, which conveys the deformed Wing Virus and makes the virus virulent and more deadly.

Research published today Processes of The Royal Society B: Biological Sciences I conclude that this belief is wrong.

"The dominance of the knowledge is that myths choose to accelerate viral virulence," said Madeleine Beekman, professor at Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney.

"Because of this, the virus is known as a very dangerous virus, and Australia bees should not get the virus in their country, because there is legislation that prevents the importation of viruses, but our work shows that the virus is more dangerous than innocent."

Australia is the only country in the world Varroa myth This makes Australian honey and wax valuable because of the chemical waste used to remove the parasite.

"It's a very clean honey in the last Australian country," says Professor Beekman. "But sugar is very likely in Australia's container ships, so we have to understand how sugar and virus affect them."

Professor Beekman and his Social Insect Behavioral and Genetic Laboratory team, injected honey bee pupae, to a high degree of deformed Worm, to verify that the virus was a virulence. Varroa myth

When there is no sugar, the virus must be transmitted to other bees through direct interaction between infected and non-infected bees. Varroa transmits one animal and one bit.

The group has discovered the transmission route used Varroa The malicious virus has more virulent viruses than deformed viruses, such as the virus Sacbrood virus and Black Reina virus. These viruses usually wipe the deformed Wing virus. Sacbrood and Black Queencell virus deletes the Deformed Wing Virus, the bees do not die.

"Our work therefore understands the effect Varroa Wing deformed viruses and honey live in colonies of bees, "said Beekman.

"It means that we do not have to be afraid of the virus, instead we need to remove the sugar and reduce the numbers."

It will also affect the results to be prepared by Australia bees Varroa.

"Many countries actively choose to tolerate honey bees populations Varroa treat-mothers Australian bees can import sperm from these populations to start beekeeping bees until sugar is reached, "said Beekman.

"But the importation of sperm is prohibited because of the threat of deformed Wing virus, because it can be a presence of the sperm of bees. Maybe bees can now convince the authorities with secret sperm."

"If we want to protect bees, nowadays it does not seem to deal with the virus," said Beekman. "Instead, a new focus is needed to keep the honey bees from settling in the colonies a bit."


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