Friday , February 3 2023

This is the new Porsche 911


Care, criticism and internet commenters are very critical: this is the eighth generation Porsche 911. "# 99;"

More "S" forms will be presented at the LA Motor Show, the official newly-formed official icon of the German sports car icon.

Wise design, of course, is an ancient evolution; A soft curl that keeps the design desk more quickly, but it means "boring", "it looks like it is finally". Yes, silhouette 911 is very large, but the proportion has shaken a radical, up. Unlike the past 911, they will not be narrow bodies, with a default width of 40 mm, and all Carreras will have the same GTS slot. It does not matter for two or four wheel units, the only ones that fit your personal bodyshell. It has more aluminum than ever.

Another new entry has been resized with wheels; Carrera S means 20-inch pelota and 21-inch drilling. In front of it, there is a modern bonnet, designed at the beginning of 911 design and rearrange the future in this year's design cue: full width lightweight bar.

At first we saw E, Panera and Macan, but it would be an attribute of aesthetics. Porsche will continue in every model. The LED bench on it is a higher variable rear position spoiler. They want to park the people (idiots) who like it, such as new cod. In general, the design is incredibly powerful yet simplistic, modern and modern elements, such as handles.

Under this familiar form, 911 is clean and technologically advanced. Most importantly, it's quick. Still one engine still has no back (does he hear it? It's a silent relief for fans of Porsche), today's 911 is a 3.0-liter turbocharged drive.

But with newer and more stringent emissions regulations, it must be cleaner and more efficient than ever. Now piezo injection, a new entry system, a filter with a particle filter, an intercololated location, revised turbo casings and more. When you go back, the nat-asp cars outdated, if you're returning to Zap and Yowl, dream to continue.

It does not mean that everything is gone. With 444 CV, Carrera S wins 30bhp on the previous model, while GTS is the same output and 997 Turbo will be the same. We're still receiving a weight image, but it must be similar to the current 991 generation. Rear Wheel Drive Carrera S completes 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds, dual-speed double-horsepower PDK transmission.

Worrying, there's no Porsche word in the box boxes, but then they'll come. In the meantime, the Carrera 4S wheel unit plays a 3.6-second sprint, and the two cars are faster than 0.4 seconds compared to the current equivalent model. Is not that enough? Next, it is best that you choose the Sport Krono package to reduce it by just two tenths. Maximum speed? If you ride 190 mph on all your 911 wheels, 191 mph are two.

Inside, 992 technology review received. The main bounce center – typical 911 – sets two fixed frames and frames, 10.9 inches on the center screen. Those who have made the final sampling Panamera will check their controls. But the real progress is with systems. Go-faster acronyms will be a normal array, but now, entering a specific "Wet" mode is not so when you start to silence when the road falls, with the help of Night Vision thermal imaging, plus more connectivity than shaking an iPhone X.

Without a doubt, after the line, 992 bits of trillion variants will be offered in different variants when the roof is cut when it is completely kukubia, to make a tear-off of a roof, giving all the options you want in a range to make a GTS, if they continue to slow down, all derived from motor vehicles. Before the GT division is over. But an exciting 911 jump could also be; Can this be the first model for the hybrid? Electric? Or is it potentially a semi-engine if the race cars are going to go a bit? Time will tell

If you want to know what you want, if you want to know what type of cost, 911 Carrera S PDK will cost you 93,110, before adding many options, starting at 4S £ 98,418, and both are now available.

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