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Top Smash Bros. The comment will not be accepted if you hear your voice

Victoria "VikkiKitty" Perez was competing Super Smash Bros. 4 For five months, local organizers pulled out of the counter's pool and reached the stage.

In one of Florida's Florida Fort Lauderdale 2015 tournaments, all the words were heard, "Victoria, into the stream." It was not a question, nor did Perez say he had to give it a chance.

"I'm talking about the game," Perez said. "Just tell me a camera".

Three years later, Perez is one of the greatest names Break it up comment If you have ever joined a pro Break it up In the tournament, you hear about who attacked, whether they got dodged attacks or not, found out how the results met the expectations of plays. Options, You've heard the voice of Perez in the mix.

On his Twitter, he jokes: "When I'm a little girl, I've mentioned your games".

Perez, 22, is from today's world, referring to national championships, among others Overwatch and Gun, seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Above all, Break it up The Nintendo publisher invited Perez to 2018 Smash Ultimate Guest E3, the first championship in the next tournament of the next races.

One hour, Pere staged on the stage, breaking the brand and facilitating the transition between the descriptions of its basic elements ("The fighter gets disrupted at the stage, it's a KO") and a spatial control and "thorough technology analysis" "Up to 200,000 spectators gathered.

She graduated from Florida University in Miami, Florida. Among the studies of lifelong learning and studies, Perez's part-time work is to reach the sports center Super Smash Bros.. by bicycle When the camera appears on the face, long haired hairs, neon-colored hair at the ends of the hair and a pair of headphones.

"His comment style is very informative, based on his experience and other players," said Josh Kendall, a Break it up Poet's commentary "Biggie Smalls" was created in 2015. (The name is a joke about his height difference, Perez 5 & # 39; 1 "and Kendall 6 & # 39; 6"). "It has always been a heavy textbook when it comes to knowing about certain characters as a certain percentage of movements. It also takes them. "

Increasing the amount of knowledge and having a background authoritative by a writer lasts a lot. Pérez calculates the cost of nine to eight hours a week, both in the stream and offline.

"I'm a hands-on lesson," he said. "Any character I play is that how I learn." I also need to act against other people to really understand it, too. "

Curators talk about events, but they're also hyper-machines, betting matches and flames of fans enthusiasts. Additionally, Perez says, commenting, the significant scene is important as a bridge. We're really selling a player. The comment is the first thing the listener will hear. You need to be a community bridge for the audience. "

Perez looks from the perspective of the bird's eye industry. "Even with sponsors, they're picking up Break it up The player's opinion will be commentary. A player that speaks of a player may be a part of a sponsor. "

There was no comment that Perez was doing. Like an old sister, Perez had a coincidence Break it up She was a little childhood during childhood, but I liked playing with other games too United Kingdom. He did not take part in competitions a couple of years ago to find a copy of 2008 Super Smash Bros. Brawl In her living room, along with some high school friends. Obsessed.

Once Smash 4 When he left, Perez and his friends took it seriously. "We thought it was the best we thought," Pere laughed and explained his impetus to go to the well-known championships of Kirby. Shortly afterwards, he learned "it was literally nothing". Perez kept grinding, however, until he had seen the desired results.

In a tournament, "I was sitting in a setup and I won eight people," Perez said. "I was happy, you know what it is. I'm all." "He ran away from home from home to become competitive, after cutting his teeth against the skills of others, until he worked on his own. At the same time, Perez discovered the deep mechanics of the game and talked about the mentors and competitors.

In the home unit, he and his friends would leave the small mistake apart or steal from their opponents. The ability to unleash the gameplay, attracted the attention of others on local scenarios, and in October 2015 he won his first local championship at the South Florida Versus Gaming Center.

Also, why, in his words, "three weeks after feeding on sharks" he was asked in a regional championship called Frame Perfect.

"I started to get away in the game and talk about it, it was very cold-literally, as it lasted longer," Perez said. The nerves that appeared, Perez realized how much more he learned. Perez has not yet memorized a combination of hundreds of the game's participation, one that specializes in game mechanics that is in line with the fighter's tools.

He was disappointed with his performance, but he welcomed his opinion on his comments, giving his advice to finish his comments before analyzing his injected.

Invitations brought more and more Perez's work, including Nintendo, as his graduate Florida graduate. After a few years, Perez became the first female woman Break it up speaker As a matter of importance, he got more feedback, but it was not very helpful.

Over time, Perez says, he has learned to find out about productive and non-productive comments. "People say:" He is a little more than a man who is used "or" His voice is a very small woman, "he said, referring to his old tendency, to finish the sentences in a higher question style.

"Such comments are not constructive. There's nothing we can do about my voice." His attitude says: "I'd like to hire him or not, and I'll do my best … I do not do that carefully. Members probably did not comment or they were not good writers. "

Perez decided to listen to the critics of his members and favored all sides. "Many people wanted me to improve faithfully, and I've heard and done my best. In the end, the criticism was not completely constructive." Commenting on his first month, a trusted member told him that he had never seen Twitch's chat. Today, he says, he does not describe "a disaster waiting to happen."

In 2016, he oversaw Perez, but he did not move forward. That same year, Perez went to EVO to see his horror Break it up Championship. During the ceremony, her boyfriend invited her high profile Break it up Player Cristian "Hyuga" was crashed into Medina's hotel room, because she was intoxicated. Perez says that he had slept next to his boyfriend and Medina woke up to her roommate.

At that time, Perez explained his situation on Twitter and said he was approaching "never going to face this future event," and warned other players to take part. Medina said she did not remember anything that night, so she was dropped by her protection.

I asked Perez how could he know, to a certain extent, that the alleged harassment of Medina explained that he was "calmly confident," he would definitely return, it was a vision of people, people did not abandon everything that happened before everything happened. want to continue. "

Likewise, the fluctuation that somehow affirmed to his career was that he said: "People told me that nobody was there and that's where I was. I've worked with Little Nintendo before, I've done plenty of tournaments and locals."

Perez did not leave, and over time he was offered more options, including one of the debates Smash 4 Matching History: A Number Smash 4 Gonzalo "Zero" Los Barrios Loss Loss "Saleem" by Akiel Young at EVO 2017

Disney XD was a concert, which, he said, presented a unique challenge. "We wanted to respond to a more general, non-competitive audience," Perez said. "Seeing your grandmother Break it up It's not a good idea to understand what the air is, nor the roll, to see a character. "

Perez came out in the context of the match between adults and fans, describing a patch of the latest game, which featured Bayonetta fighter, who had more advantage over Youngen. With gravity, he intonated: "But he will not go down without a fight."

At the end of the match, Perez broke the point in how Young pushed the positioning of Barrios and capitalized on the most subtle openings. In the final game, with a single stock, Young had a brutal damage of 25% of 25% in Barrios. Young was shocked by the viewer, that Barrios directly entered into the sky and did not combine it conventionally.

Perez's comment raised the moment on the lie "And this is the first time we're sealing the seal, taking over Salem Zero here in EVO 2017!"

The judge is wild.

Perez is not the only woman Break it up Comment already in game. A commentator from Cinnpie said Kotaku Perez "is something that he feeds temporarily for this interviewer." ChellyToms, another female Break it up Also received a comment.

I asked Perez whether his career would be the path of another woman Break it up The commentary, he said, and his craft dedication is only increased. Successful wants "growth is very possible." He continued: "My work is not just to educate a public, to entertain it, to add a personality, and to encourage the domestic community, to play it."

Next generation Break it up The fans continue to look at Perez. Last year, in a Frame Perfect 2 tournament, Perez saw a small girl who walked across the floor, when he was 7 years old. "He literally told me and told me"gatico, & # 39; This means & # 39; kitty & # 39 ;, "recalled Perez." It was amazing. "

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