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Toyota HiLux, the Ford Ranger opener has been released

New tough Toyota HiLux opponent of MEET America.

Jeep has much more advanced Gladiator dual booth than planned.

The Wrangler 4WD icon is based on a thirty-day growing market for the new horse-market-based ute market in 2020, among HiLux and Ford Ranger vendors.

The first attempt of Jeep began in the segment in 1992, and revived the name of Gladiator in the sixties.

"Jeep loyal customers have a great demand for special vehicles

and pick-up trucks buyers everywhere. Since its rich and proud heritage of compact and reliable jeep trucks, Gladiator combines ruggedity, versatility and functionality to achieve the best truck mid-size truck, "says Jeep North America Tim Kuniskis.

The Jeep's Wrangler basin is 787 mm in length, with a larger cabin and a tray.

In true Wrangler fashion, Gladiator will have soft soft and hard-top versions and windbreaks folds, giving the driver a first-class ute experience.

The power 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine (212kW / 353Nm) is a powerful six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.

In the diesel engine market, Toyota and Mitsubishi gas stations are the main ute suppliers and use two-wheel drive units with four-cylinder smaller units.

The gasoline variant will later incorporate a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel engine (194kW / 599Nm) with an eight-speed car. Diesel's output makes it one of the strongest of its class.

The production of gasoline will be made overseas by 2019 to continue with the diesel. At that time gladiators arrive in Australia, they should be two engines.

All models have a four-wheel drive and have a maximum capacity of 3,500 kg and have a maximum load of 725 kg.

Gladiator will also offer serious off-road potentials, lock differentials, a 43.6-degree angle angle and a 26-degree angle wavelength of 760 mm.

Gladiator will have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, according to specifications defined by 7.0 or 8.4-inch touch screen. The interior of the buyers has a choice of fabric or leather and various interior storage compartments.

Outdoor styling The new Wrangler has a retro Jeep grille and lighthouse design.

"Certainly, as a truck and immediately known as the Jeep, the new 2020 gladiator is an outdoor adventure vehicle," says Kuniskis.

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