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Twitter's "petulant, snide & # 39;, Aussie Bank Director, Ken Henry

Twitter has annoyed the Australian Bank Bank President Ken Henry Bank's commission has "arrogant, petulant, unpleasant".

Henry, one of the strongest and most powerful public authorities in Australia, has deceived himself by reflecting his responses, refusing or responding to questions and breathing his breath.

The former Treasury Secretary of the outsourced property of the Canary Islands, Rowena Orr, QC, Senior Adviser, responded, asked questions and did not do so.

Twitter's response was essentially self-esteem.

Twitter's posters believe that "snide" and "flippant" responses must go out of a NAB table and have called a "dinosaur".

"Ken Henry! Arrogant Idiot, as it disassemble customers, seems to be a problem for the client," posted @ gretep4.

"Someone who agrees to shareholders will immediately resign."

Others have said that Henry had "bullied … disrespected" and Orr and threatened to close some NAB bank accounts immediately.

Ken Henry's Wikipedia page was reissued, saying that the Royal Commission had found "an arrogant tool and a real bolero".

The leaders of other banks and financial institutions had demanded pardon for the royal commission, and Henry was less.

Take this exchange in Orr Henry's grill, the answers to the NAB committee to respond to "demand payments".

NAB executives believe that the new ASIC regulator has been silent for 11 months since the new bank had requested $ 34.6 million ($ 36.8 million).

Oh, do you have to admit that the table was stepped earlier?

Henry: (long break) … I wanted to, let me put it like that … I do not know …

Well, I would like Henry Henry to answer my questions. Do you have to agree that the table was started as soon as possible?

Henry: I answered the question I answered the question.

Oh, sorry, yes, is not Dr. Henry?

Henry: I answered the question I chose to answer the question.

Well, I would like to answer my question. Do you have to agree that the table was started as soon as possible?

Henry: I wanted to.

Oh, yes, I'll answer, Dr. Henry

Henry: Well, yes. ok?

The poster on Twitter was also an exception to the "doctor" honor of "Henry", @thehonestbank tweeting, "Because you are DR in front of your name does not mean that you are GOD." Unfortunately, Ken Henry's NAB did not succeed. "

He also worked as an economist for Henry AC, a PhD in economics and an Austrian Pharmacy and was also a conservationist of Hairy-nosed Wombat.

When Orr asked him, and Henry dismissed him, saying "out of breath", Orre replied: "No, I feel that we do not believe it."

Henry retreated, "Are not you?"

Oh, no.

Henry: (under breath) No, you should not.

Orr asked Henry that NAB had no formal claim to break the law, because it did not make an official notification of at least 12,000 charges.

Orr: Probably, considering the direction of your business, the way in which this behavior is contrary to the law, and, if so, what was the law?

Henry: Yes.

Orr: Probably, the main risk manager should report to the risk committee?

Henry: "Maybe."

Oh, where did we start, maybe, Dr. Henry?

Henry: Yes, maybe.

Orr: And I'm afraid I do not understand why I still have doubts?

Henry: I can not possibly explain.

At other times, Henry's style of teaching, such as being asked about huge bonuses on bank executives, began to talk about the situation of capitalism.

"The capitalist model does not have profits for shareholders," he said.

"People who have participated in this debate in the 12 months have indicated that they have to keep the boards, which are aimed at maximizing the profits of shareholders."

Rowena Orr repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer a question about the delay in the NAB committee. Photo / Given
Rowena Orr repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer a question about the delay in the NAB committee. Photo / Given

Orr asked whether he could see a document or not, Henry could not remember it.

"It does not matter really, is not it?" said Orr's response with an amazing look and added, "Maybe not."

Henry has worked as a consultant on the liberal government and labor government, especially the dear left.

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating to win successfully opposition leader John Hewson! GST 1993 election campaign, Henry made John Howard to work.

He worked with Kevin Rudd, with the 2010 Henry Tax Review and Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a special adviser.

However, Fairfax was in charge of his royal commission, describing Australia Financial Review as "deaf tone."

"Henry portrays himself as a deep thinker … but that's why NAB's attitudes are focused on government and customer service roles," AFR wrote.

In 2011 NAB was appointed as Executive Director and, in 2015, as Chairman, Henry also served as Director of the Australian Reserve Bank.

In 2016, Henry said that the major payment systems of the main executives exceeded the average of average employees, which could not be wider.

He said that it would target sales in the field of sales.

However, last year, the NAB gained $ 6.64 million, which announced that it had cut 4,000 bank jobs.

One of Henry's goals, however, to reduce senior executives, Andrew Thorburn's NAB General Manager will be able to achieve $ 10.76 million in earnings this year if it achieves its performance goals.

As president, Henry has come from the bottom shelf, as Taree's son's cut, earning a NAB of $ 790,000.

He also manages the Australian National University and the Political Policy chair of the National University of Australia, as Australia's Director of Reconciliation Australia (ASX), Chair of the Advisory Board for the SMART Infrastructure Installation at Wollongong University.

Henry says that his countryman had fought with a passionate conservation campaign, Voiceless with his wife Naomi and the board of the animal protection institute.

"There are several things in life that are more noble, as if they were silent," says Henry, according to his voiceless profile.

But his beloved Hairy-nosed wombat talks about not bank customers.

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