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Ultraviolet Digital Movie Library Service to turn off this summer / movie

Ultraviolet closure

When the studio began offering digital copies of digital versions of Blu-ray and DVD reproduction, ultraviolet It was one of the first services to receive a title library for customers. Now the company closes.

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) has announced that the cabinets of digital Ultraviolet movies will close this summer. What does it mean for customers with a movie collection that has been exchanged through the Ultramorema digital movie service? Meet at the bottom.

Variety has the word Ultraviolet turned off, but users will not worry about losing access to the digital library. Ultramor will not be dead July 31, and they also offer customers the ability to link their library to other collaborators' store to their digital library. Most users of the digital film collection have probably done this to make their movies available to merchants such as Walmart's Vudu or Fandango NOW, but if you have not done so, Ultraviolet can provide information on its website.

As for the Ultra-users users who are worried about losing their films, Vudu is reassured by customers who do not have any effect on their libraries. Scott Blanksteen Vice President said:

"When customers who use Voice can watch, rent or buy movies and TV series, they will stop the Ultraviolet platform, which will allow them to enjoy the content of Vudu as they continue to keep movies and TVs in the Vudu library and keep the Ultraviolet service off after that too. "

There is an option that your TV and TV shows on your Ultraviolet library will not be locked when the service closes. However, the company has few fractures for customers. And if you buy a movie or TV show, if you copy digital Ultraviolet, it will still free you until July 31. Likewise, the provider's library will be linked to the service.

The closure of the ultramor is not surprising. With 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures, Studios previously used the Ultraviolet as a digital distributor distributor. But since Disney launched movies anywhere in the fall of 2017, both studios released Ultraviolet through digital films. Since then, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures have joined Fox and Universal with Movies Anywhere through digital films.

If you have not shot movies yet, now it is the best way to continue your digital movie and TV library. Movies and TV exchanged through service will be included in iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNow, Microsoft Movies and TV, and Xfinity. However, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate films have not crossed yet, because they have not given Movies Anywhere support. However, today it is still the best library of digital libraries.

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