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WA trillion investors are looking to drive lithium boom

Collected investors visit WA in order to see the Government's hopes for the energy revolution of the State's economy.

The opposition has scored a strategy to plan a plan, but Prime Minister Mark McGowan says the job has been waiting for billions of dollars.

The West is a new boom in the West, which has made Australia the world's largest lithium producer.

It is also the third largest producer of state cobalt and the fifth largest producer of nickel.

All the minerals used for making batteries and McGowan want to do more than just digging, and downstream processing expects the economy to recharge.

"Thousands of jobs, billions of investment, an industry that is part of the future," he said.

The Tianqi Lithium Plants in Kwinana will lighten the lithium, which means that 1100 dollars / ton of lithium hydroxide will cost 20 times more.

Nowadays, this material is still being sold in manufacturing, and then returned at the end of the WA products.

The State Government has presented its future battery strategy, $ 6 million, building a WA research center. Plan for the investment attractiveness strategy, but no money.

Mike Nahan's opposition leader is not impressed by the document.

"It weighs a bit, there are some paper and ink, but nothing new," Dr. Nahan said.

But McGowan has defended the plan.

"What it demands is the will – you do not have the money to make money," he said.

Over 1.2 million electric cars were sold worldwide in 2017, up 57% in one year.

The growing market WA wants a large part, in order to build the whole battery in the last.

"I think it's unlimited, I think we have to start dreaming more," said George Bauk, Managing Director of North Mineral.

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