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Wall St advances Jerome Powell's guarantees

Australian shares are in the process of opening up highs, the widespread expansions of Jeremy Powell's speech said they would slow the rise in US tariffs. The ASX futures were 40 points more at 8:05 p.m. at AEDT.

The Australian dollar rose by 1.2 percent and the greenback was slowing because investors are recovering the US interest rate forecasts. Aussie was US73.28 ¢ a night.

The President of the Federal Reserve was equally green in the speech, but Powell was more correct.

Mr Powell said politicians can slow down the rate of upturn: "Interest rates are still minimal according to historical standards and they are far below the broad range of economic neutrality, which is to accelerate or slow down growth."

In New York, shares have increased. Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 617.64 points or 2.5 percent to 25,366.37, winning S & P 500 by 61.61 points, or 2.3 percent, 2743.78, and Nasdaq added 208.89 points, or 3%, 7291.59.


"There is no doubt that language change and welcome are investors' news," said Jack Ablin, chief Cresset wealth consultants at Chicago, according to Mr Powell's comments.

"The risk of the spirit of the spirit attracts less, so it includes risks, such as stock investments, more attractive."

US sales of BHP and Rio shares were up 3% and 3.7 percent respectively. The rest of the profits also helped iron and copper.

Tech stock also lifted. US listed shares were more than 8 percent higher than those of Atlassian Australia. Amazon and Netflix were 5 percent higher. Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet were at least 3.3 percent higher.

"The consensus point of view is that Fed will pause in the short term when it reaches the crisis level, policy will not be stimulating or restrictive," said Rodrigo Catril. "All of this is well and well, but the problem is that there is no consensus within the Fed, which is exactly neutral, and to neutralize it, the neutral is not a static place."

According to Fed officials, Mr. Catril said "the neutral is between 2.50% and 3.5%, so that the Fed funds have reached 2.00%, 2.25%, the line item is out of range in three midway routes and from the top five passages ".

"The acceptance of the Fed in December, the market is now consolidating the prices of 2019 vehicles today, and now proposes that the Fed average of 2019 will increase 3 times in the coming year," he said. "Based on the latest Fed rhetoric and point distribution, we believe it is a material choice, the median point of 2019 goes down to both routes, so the current market prices are aggressive."

Current Agenda

Local data: Private Capital Cost Q3; ANZ business confidence in November.

Capex publishes a proof of RBA forecasts: The Bank estimates that its outlook for forecasts of growth is true on Thursday, when the Australian Statistical Office issues capital expenditures.

Foreign data: Euro zone economic confidence November, Euro area business climate indicators November, Euro consumer confidence November; German CPI November; US personal income and low personal expense; US CPI inflation and domestic sales sales decrease; FOMC meeting minutes in November.

Significant markets

The SPI futures went through 40 points or from 0.7 to 5755 at around 8.05 AEDT

AUD 1.2% and 73.07 cents

Wall St at 4:00 p.m., Dow + 2.5%, S & P 500 + 2.3%, Nasdaq + 3%

New York, BHP + 3% Rio + 3.1% Atlassian + 8.4%

Europe: Stoxx 50 + 0.1% FTSE -0.2% Flat CAC DAX -0.1%

Place gold + 0.4% US $ 1,129.47 ounce at 12:40 p.m. New York time

Gross Brent 0.2% to $ US60.81 Barrel

US oil + 0.5% from US $ 51.81

Iron + 1.8%, US $ 66.35 tons

Dalian iron + 0.9 474 yuan

LME aluminum + 0.1% to US $ 1933 tons

LME copper + 1.3% and US $ 6200 tons

2-year performance: US 2.81% Australia 2.01%

5-year profit: US 2.86% Australia 2.21%

10-year performance: USA 3.05% Australia 2.62% Germany 0.35% United Kingdom 1.37%

10-year US-Australian earnings from 7.49 AM to AEDT: 43 points

Today's financial review

Morrison has reiterated the rule: Scott Morrison has reaffirmed the government after another day of his cause, and Julie Bishop has led a rumor of leadership and a shameful backdrop of the G20.

Chanticleer: Elliott performs better than Hayne: ANZ Bank CEO Shayne Elliott has probably been awarded the best performance of the four leading leaders that appeared before the bank committees.

Industrial funds against bank rebate revolutions: ANZ, Westpac and NAB are the first payment reports facing a first historic strike against it.

United States of America

Widespread expansion of United States stocks President Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve said the rise in interest rates gradually gradually balances the risks, trying to keep track of the economy.

After cloud sales software increased Salesforce's quarter-on-quarter earnings, Wall Street's hopes were steadily declining in the fast-growing sector in the fast-growing sector in the latest sales sector.

The domestic product gross rose by a 3.5-percent rate, and the Department of Commerce said in the second estimate of GDP growth in the third quarter. There was no change in October, and the economy was much higher than the potential growth, which was estimated by around 2% of the economists. The economy was up 4.2% in the second quarter.

The government also reported that after tax profits corporations rose 3.3 percentage points in the last quarter, at 2.1 percent in the second quarter.

Growth growth (GDI) grew by 4.0% in the third quarter, increasing the pace of 0.9% in the second quarter.

The GDP and GDP average, including gross domestic productions, and a better economic activity, grew by 3.8% in July and September, at a 2.5% growth rate in the second quarter.

Apple Inc.'s iPhone XR's best-selling iPhone model has been on a daily basis since it was sold in mid-October, a company manager told Reuters.

In europe

Shares in the UK on Wednesday were bothered by bank and housebuilder stock briefs about notice of no-deal impact on the fight against the British economy.

FTSE 100 blue chip dropped 0.2% after its profits began to evaporate, Brexit worries about keeping the lid of the hunger for investors. The index of the Midcap fell by 0.1%.

The British government announced that Britain's British success predicted that Britain's British success has been successful in evaluating selected British Government governments has been enough to keep investors cautious.

Breit's economic opportunity may be worse than staying in the European Union, as the government said, the block reached an agreement in Brussels, at least reducing its growth in the 2030s.

If the European Union is leaving a "confusion" ten years before the economic crisis in the British economy, the Bank of England has warned that after stressing the stress tests.

The BoE report encouraged the sterling to finish the flat day.

Housebuilders and bank stocks were the highest FTSE 100, the downturn in the downturn in the downturn in the downswing to investors.

Housebuilders Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey, Berkeley Group and Barratt Development fell by 2.8% and 4.7%.


Trump Business talks talks about "moment": Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit this week is the only question: Does Donald Trump, China's Xi Jinping President, make an agreement on trade?

The Asian markets started on the third day, investors were cautious before Donald Trump and Xi Gill's G20 meeting. Hong Kong closed a shutter on Wednesday, a Tencent Holdings tech giant steals profits after the shares have begun the Japan Payment Payment Plans.

Tencent's shares were eight weeks tall and 3.6 percent higher; The company has a weight of 9.4% for the Hang Seng index.

Closing, the Hang Seng index increased by 1.3% at 26,682.56 points. The index is an increase of 6.8 percentage points in November, with an increase in the other stock benchmark and the increase of the MSCI All-Country Index in 2013 with a wide margin spread in April 2013. The same recovery in the same month is over seven years, after October 10 per cent in October. The IT sector closed 3.4 percent, the financial sector grew 0.9 percent and the property sector closed 1.5 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific Index earned 0.6 percent Singapore 4:30 a.m., China, Hong Kong and Taiwan stock gauges for more than 1 percent. In Japan, Nikkei 225 Stock Average has increased a similar number.


RBNZ facilitates reduced macro restrictions: RBNZ reduces the limits imposed by investors and owner and employer loans when entering Australia, but future loans continue to maintain endless limits.

Only the moderate financial risks predicted by the US are predicted for rising asset prices, and despite the corporate debt crisis, the US Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank published a broad vision of credit markets and financial health systems.

Reports about trade strain, breaks out the Brexit debates and are causing problems in China and emerging markets, as if it were a US financial system, asset prices could be "lifted" and the "quality of business quality" could be "damaged".

But in a speech following the release of the report, Powell said "global financial stability is a moderate level of weakness … The risk of escalating stairs is much lower than in the past, the institutions at the heart of the financial system are more resilient".

"We do not detect abnormal or excessive leverage based on wide diversity," according to Powell, the worst financial depression as a result of the 2007 and 2009 financial crisis. .

With regard to politics: Powell said that "interest rates are still low levels and remain below neutral for the economic level, which is not slowing down growth".

United States

Prices on Zinc rose on Wednesday, and the rise in raw materials for nearby metals was highlighted in the short-term supply, and a slide lasted just 10 weeks.

Steel-based galvanizing amounted to more than one tenth of a percentage point close to last Thursday, as the merchandise's steel machinery increased its supply and demand growth.

The London Metal Exchange (LME) three-month contract fell to US $ 399.50 on Wednesday, beginning on September 19th, to start a recovery of 0.7% before US $ 2,2452.

"The long-term market severity is a short period of time, but at the same time, it is a very clear path to building inventory of compound compounds in China, improving margins and enhancing productivity," said analyst Nick Snowdon of Deutsche Bank.

"At the same time, you see the softness of the galvanized steel sector," he said.

The price would fall for $ US2000s low and could tighten supplies again until early 2020, he added.

Australian Sharemarket

Minimum Managing Director Before: Managing Funds It is not surprising that companies such as Myer, RCR Tomlinson and AMP have a large number of management positions.

Australian shares have closed only marginally lower on Wednesday, as the major inventories of the material made the losses red in the market. The S & P / ASX 200 Index had only 3.2 points or less than 0.1 percent, 5725.1 times, all the General Ordinary Indicators, 2.7 points 5800.1.

"Iron ore is moving back in the future in the future overnight, the stock of inventory was currently sold," said City Index Market analyst Gary Burton. "Traders and investors have been careful because the markets move as fast as the next move, the G20 meeting this weekend."

Morgan Stanley pending reorganization of indexes; The rebalance of S & P next quarter will be announced on Friday, December 14: "COL is likely to be held within the S & P / ASX 20 Index, the ORG continues down, the position within S & P / ASX 50, 100 and 200 is without a question, Based on $ 14 bn + market cap, routing ORI and CSR to ASX 50 and 100. Within the ASX 200, the component count will be returned to stock up to 200 Stock FXJ, as soon as it closes on November 28 … "

Street Talk

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