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Warriors will not release Shaun Johnson immediately


Kiwis assisted Mal Mening's first victory after coaching Australia's Mt Smart Stadium in October, and Shaun Johnson told reporters that he enjoyed it for a moment.

"It's really nice to be standing up talking to the boys after making Kiwis positive," said Johnson. "Obviously I'm not doing well for a long time now".

For those who do not know what Johnson does, 28-year-old comments and body language provide information on the pressure felt by Warriors and New Zealand filmmakers.

Even though this time, for example, the first victory against New Zealand's Kangaroos since 2015, Johnson is not worried about his vision.

Johnson's response on Tuesday tries to test Warriors' decisions in the market before opening negotiations for the extension of the 2020 contract.

He interpreted his vision because the meaning of the club that played his whole career is no longer desired. The social media took his feelings about venting advice Warriors CEO Cameron George and coach Stephen Kearney sought to release immediately.

After winning the Shaun Johnson Australian 2018 test.
After winning the Shaun Johnson Australian 2018 test.
© Grant Trouville / NRL Photos

In an understandable way but because of Johnson's reaction, it's not surprising that the club does not completely exclude the next season that it manages its season for next season.

Whether the club can get it visible, while Cronullas sees Johnson as a substitute for Valentine Holmes.

Shark Problem The allegations against NRL are awaiting the results of alleged offenses, and Holmes's list is a must-see if it is subject to the return to the club next season. The offer for NFL contracts fails.

Canberra does not make any money for the $ 1 million season's season with Warriors, and Parramatta has had a lot of success for many other players.

George O & # 39; Connor and Warriors' recruitment director Peter O & S; Sullivan decided not to win the money, since Captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, since he was Dally M's 2018 player.

Warriors played hardballs with Hardball last year, and began trading with the bassist Isaac Luke until the end of the season, and if Johnson continued the next season, the deal would be lower.

Johnson's contract was compared to Johnny Thurston and Cooper Cronk and Daly Cherry-Evans, unlike a superhero, Warriors has won in the club for its eight years, and there is uncertainty about whether he is the best place to be.

The coach Michael Maguire made fifth place in New Zealand's seventh inning against England and gave the role of Brisbane's Kodi Nikorima Kiwis manager.

If he was a player, Johnson's best performance was not able to resist, he did not want to take his step and tried to win the match in the second and third minutes, but he failed to get involved enough.

Johnson wins tomorrow, Kiwis and Warriors in the past, the epic victory of the Wembley Stadium in England in the past in 2013, but Thurston, Cronk or Cherry-Evans.

Warriors also think they should adjust to the fifth at eighth, but now they are playing in the middle of organizers and now they do not want to.

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