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Weir, McLean, called Kermond. | RACING.COM

Darren Weir

Darren Weir coach (Image: Tom Pollock)

Afternoon Thursday: Three licensees come to Racing Victory to question

Darren Weir coach, assistant coach Jarrod McLean and stable Tyson Kermond have been victorious for the race to headquarters in Victoria on Thursday afternoon.

The Victoria Police continues its attacks on Wirnambool and Ballarat in two weeks of Wirnambool and Ballarat's two wells, and four jiggers are a seizure of police, a registered firefighter and cocaine.

On Thursdays 9: Weir, McLean and Kermond left Racing Victoria

At 9:00 p.m., three men were seen challenging the courts of residence of Racing Victoria.

10.25 a.m. Thursday: Release of the following race, Racing Victoria

"The leaders of Racing Victoria (RV) opened an agreement following the execution of the Victoria Police attack, after the arrest of the properties of Ballarat and Warrnambool, they were released without charge by three non-raisers.

"Licensed coaches visited coaches with Darren Weir and Jarrod McLean and Tyson Kermond at RV's offices.

"The stewards extended their consultation at the end of the afternoon, taking into account the information they obtained, and obtaining legal advice. A bi-day update will be made."

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NOTE: Getting to McLean and Kermond

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