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Which car will take the top gong

It is enough to turn your head. There are more than 50 automobile brands available for sale in Australia, and each week there is a new model, many land on our land.

The good news is that there are a few common car sales; The bad news is more difficult than ever to make a choice.

This is what our Annual Car of the Year awards prizes. Over the last few months, we have also organized rans-stand-outs and we will crown the winner this week.

Until then, we peaked at 10 degrees, two sedans, a city runabout, a hot shotgun and less than six SUVs. Timing of time

Kia Cerato

Kia is currently the current record and is behind the success of Cerato sales. Demanding views, even more rigorous prices and a solid seven-year warranty at the end of the market budget make a compelling argument. Cerate does not feel like a car for a budget, it only gives an appeal. At $ 21,490, standard rates include an emergency brake stand (USA), online maintenance, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, digital radio and digital speedo. Cerato has also been beneficial under local suspension and guidance. This makes the knot's prowess and comfort a good balance between knocks. Its weakness is not a perky engine but it uses more fuel than rivals.


Australia's second favorite brand is a boost and Mazda 6 is a new standard. New sheetmetal, more technologies and a new turbo engine were highlighted in the latest incarnation of the green star brand. Mazdas are known for their corner-tails ability, but some critics have argued that being able to handle more under the bomb. This converts it into a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged pump that powers 170 kW and 420 Nm. The interior is very easy, but it is perfectly finished in quality materials, the security rival places the best badges. It's not cheap, though.

Skoda Kararo

The Czech brand backs back, Kodiaq won eight seats last year after winning the gong. Karoq has the next size and, unlike Kodiaq, it does not have off-road pretensions – it is today's front-drive. Approximately $ 35,000 drive-away seven-speed double clutch auto, Karoq is not cheap but is not fully charged. The standard equipment has cruise control radars, USA, smartphone mirror, push-button start and dual-zone aircon. The rear seats receive tablet holders, under the seat of the passenger and the trash in the pocket of the door. A 1.5-liter turbo four surprisingly punchy offers more driving than many segments.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Highlander version is costly at our shooter, at near $ 65,000, but its opponents represent strong values. There is hardly any need for the hood or the whistle and the engine is thrown into a diesel fuel for less than one gasoline version – it's usually another way. The new model has been extended to provide more rooms, the second row is automatically folded to renewables access. His USA detects pedestrians and cyclists and advances and reverses, and a windshield controlling driver fatigue and recommends a nap. The engine carries it from the previous generation, although airbags do not extend from the third line.

Volvo XC40

Volvo seems to be the Chinese owner. Medium size XC60 has often been favored by design and driving capability and smaller XC40s have been amazed by our judges. The small SUV offers a huge price of $ 50,000 in the north, but it compensates for the ride's exceptional comfort and sharpest way. Volvo has always been a pioneer in security but has raised some eyebrows, charging additional alert areas for the blinds, cross-alert traffic, auto braking and radar cruise control. With four-turbo four-liter, eight-speed car, the speed and speed of the brand is nearly Scandinavian. A class action.

Peugeot 5008

The Frenchman was slow to embrace the SUV revolution and Peugeot did the first attempt, because it only had Mitsubishis. The new 5008 is a completely different perspective. An elegant and stylish exterior look, Pug's movement is different from the inside, with innovative approaches to skin treatments and the use of technology. It goes to the digital display that can be configured to display small or small information as a driver's mark on the toolbars. A 1.6-liter turbo four is not rocket but is smooth and ready, and the suspension fills our imperfect road to the surface.

Subaru Forester

The Forester, the SUV's main fashion and ornament, and the latest magazine emphasized that Subarus is better than its target market. If you are looking for driving thrills, buy a WRX. If you are looking for a top-notch family engine, do not look any further. It may not be the most sleekest, sportiest on the road, but it exits an outside boxy that would accommodate five of the school basketball's top five comfortably. There is no other type of similar type of vehicle, with an active Security Security Forester and cabin with the excellent quality of the materials. The combination of the motor and the transmission is a bit fuzzy, but overall, it's a spectacular improvement.

Hyundai i30N

The car Hyundai could have dreamed only a decade: a giant, that can be confused with the cold current, that can best mix the whole of Europe. Hyundai engineer, head of BMW's former head led by Albert Biermann and head of the admirable regular headquarters, pulled everything into a stove shelf shelf at i30. Adaptive suspension, wick up to 10 turbo activated and combined with mechanical limited non-slip put your own smile on your mark. The interior may be a bit more, but there are all things that are important for the fans. It's also like a whim cap.

V Olkswagen Polo

He was at the shoo-in pole, when he entered the COTY field, for the first time, one of the best runabouts in the city was separated into two probities. Put simply, Polo has not been so long ago. Still small, it is very expensive and easy to maneuver and park in the city, but it is growing on the open road. A 1.0 liter three-cylinder turbo ripper is a ripper, using a claimed 4.8L / 100km, to overcome gaps and traffic. The booth is in opposition to the opposition. The only rumor is a stop-over transmission and it goes through half an hour.

Holden Acadia

Hope was not a high one when we got into Acadia. America's designed and built vehicles do not have a star star, but Acadia critics mixed up with a modern and well-designed interior design. It also provides the usual strengths of the United States, a place for people and their goods. Third-party seats are ideal for people and mobile phones, with USB and 12-volt outputs for fun kids. Long warranties and cheap services are added to the appeal and the sharp V6 changes the SUV.

By criteria

Cash value: Prices, equipment, running costs, maintenance, warranties, service spaces, sales and material quality.

Performance: How to accelerate the cars, stop them, gears, corners and bumps. Reliability and fuel efficiency.

Design: Leg and face, ergonomics, comfort and sight.

Technology: Connectivity, ease of navigation screens, etc.

Security : Assessment of physical crash and active security aids.

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