Thursday , February 9 2023

Williams confirms the return of the Kubica 2019 F1 race


Robert Kubica

Williams has confirmed that Robert Kubica plays George Russell as the direct coach of the 2019 Formula One season.

The Polish driver worked as a test driver and reserve driver in 2018, without the races of Sergey Sirotkin's races.

After finishing his appointment from an eight-year hiatus to F1, after an injury in the beginning of 2011, the threat ended.

"It has been a long way to reach this point, but this challenge ends with this announcement, a new challenge with Williams begins," said Kubica.

"It will not be easy, but with hard work and commitment, working together with George and I will try to help each other to move more grids to better fit the team.

"This year was hard, but I've learned a lot and I want to thank Sir Frank and Claire."

"It will be one of the most important achievements of my life in the F1 network next season and I'm sure we can work hard and compromise to get the team motivated."

The CEO of Claire Williams said: "I would like to announce that Robert Robert George's role as the roles for membership in 2019 is going on.

"All of Williams is very surprised at what he has achieved, and it is very important for him to return to his Form 1 character and strength.

"This season's commitment to his team and the work behind the scenes has been abolished and has become a strong and respected member of Williams.

"He has the level of determination he sees, and he really takes on the spirit that is fighting Williams.

"Reaching the role of Robert in the new role will have an important step forward in the way forward.

"In addition to joining a youth and experience mix, I will arrive in 2019 and we hope to continue".

The signing of the Kubica seems to be at the end of the Sirotkin F1 route. In fact, the Russians made their debut with Williams at the start of 2018, and another Lance Stroll driver is ready to go to the Indian Force.

His name is only seven points, Williams is in the worst season in 1978, entering F1 full time.

Prior to its 2001 accident, Kubica won the 76th Grand Prix on the 12 podium record and the BMW Sauber 2008 Canadian Grand Prix.

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