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World teenager cheeks go down to 100 kg

When Mihir Jain Dehli was born, India weighed a healthy 2.5 kg.

At five years, Mihir weighs 80 kg, the average weight of a child of that age is doubled.

Initially, his parents, Puja and Rajesh Jain, were not worried about the weight of their son, because most people in their family were overweight.

Chilled potatoes and vegetables, rice and vegetable curry, potatoes, ice-cream, whole-fat milk, fat milk and sweet-and-sour drink, continued to grow when Mihir grew older.

The young man was so cumbersome that he did not know how to walk, and his mother could do homework, since he was almost out of bed.

In 2013, Mr and Ms Jain asked their doctors about the surgical variety of their son.

"The doctor said he had to see him but we could not get out of Mihir's house at that time" Daily mail told Ms Jain to say.

Mihir's 14-year-old is just the title of a mass teenager world, 237 kg.

He suffered from diabetes, breathing problems and high blood pressure.

In December of 2017, Mihir entered the hospital, because he spent an expense he could afford to lose weight.

Three-month-long calf-rigid dieting was seen by Mihir because his weight was enough to make doctors do surgery.

Surgery was carried out in April 2018 and, in seven months, Mihir fell to 140 kg.

Nowadays, since the beginning of losing weight loss, the teenager has lost 100 kg and nowadays it can not help.

"I feel very good. I do not think they got that weight. It's been a tough job, but it's worth it," said Mihir.

"Because I decided to do it by the Doctor. When I lost my weight, I decided to move forward."

Mihir is excited to start doing things that other boys do for 14-year-olds.

Mihir was very exciting to see new Venom cinema cinema

Nerea Marvel is a fan of the comic book but she said that she did not actually leave the house.

Her mother said it was difficult to sit at her son's house while watching other kids go to school and play while away.

"He was very angry at a place all the time. All children want to go here and there and spend time with friends, he was seated all the time, he was very frustrated."

Teenagers plan to continue their journey to losing their weight and intend to stick to a healthy diet and continue doing more exercises.

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