Thursday , September 16 2021

100 million deal in the Viennese apartment building market «

Ernst Bernecker, from the Upper Austrian, invested 900 million euros in the B & R technology company for the Swiss ABB team last year. Today, Gründerzeit is investing in Vienna, participating in the founding Conwert Günter Kerbler.

According to the Berneckers Foundation's business magazine, five-hundred-million-dollar apartment buildings were purchased. The biggest showpiece and object is Heumarkt's house, near the city of Vienna. The proprietor was JP Immobilien, one of the biggest players in the Viennese market. The company, created by Daniel Jelitzka and Reza Akhavan, has invested a great deal of real estate: "We buy houses around 200 million euros this year," confirmed Akhavan.

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