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Agnieszka Holland – the Polish director was 70 years old

For decades, he has been very successful in the film business, and his work coincides with all times. On Wednesday (November 28), on his 70th anniversary, he was nominated for an Academy Award nomination for Agnieszka Holland twice, a centenary and a premiere.

An iron curtain will never fall and a Polish Police, where a student and a policeman are engaged in a political conspiracy. The most prestigious Polish director explains his latest directing work. The "1983" thriller series is the first domestic production in Poland, Netflix streaming service and its premiere two days before the celebration's birthday. Holland has tried and tested to produce high-quality success series: it has made several cards.

The new series poses a question on freedom and security, revealing the Polish media Holland. "There is currently a dilemma that is practically every country," says the director, to increase populist bullying due to terrorism caused by populations fear. The film has a policy, he talked to the German Press Agency soon. With her work, Holland wants to expand the audience's imagination and attract hidden things hidden.

Thus, the nominee for the director of the Polish director, Andrzej Wajda, was assassinated in 2016: The latest Dutch film "The Spur" was awarded in Berlin in 2017 to open new perspectives. In the black feminist thriller on the environment, gender relations were taken.

Only to say his art, the birthplace of Warsaw is not enough. "If you think something is wrong and you think you can do something about it, you should take part," said Holland in a conversation. When the controversial Polish PiS polemic criticizes, it does not mince words. The National Conservative blames the media and justice under their control. "Democracy is like air, now they've taken it and soon we started smogging smogging," warned the Netherlands in an anti-government protest.

Political warship is partly in blood: Holland's mother was actively actively involved in World War II underground Poland, struggling against the German occupation in Warsaw in 1944. In the Netherlands, there has been a struggle against nationalism and anti-Semitism in the Netherlands on life and on canvas, and it is not afraid of taboo. The director recalled that grandparents' father's grandparents had been arrested by the Polish Jews of Auschwitz during the war and the Holocaust, such as "Hitler boy Salomon" and "The Tunnel" for Academy Awards.

From the very beginning of his career, Holland studied at the Prague School of Film, he worked with the Polish film masters – Krzysztof Zanussi and Wajda, "Danton" and "Love in Germany". He also worked as a screenwriter for the movie "Drei Farben-Blau" by Krzysztof Kieslowski. He also directed American TV series "The Wire" and "Cold Case" in Holland, Poland and France.

She was the only female director of Polish women in the Netflix productions in Holland, and her daughter, Katarzyna Adam, as well. Holland also focuses on women's power in politics. Polish women have been working and making their achievements in the shade of men, they said on TV talk panel and I expect "Waiting for women to wake up".

They have a different perspective and different priorities, said Holland. Women would put projects and common wells in front of a newborn child, rather than prove narcissistically. "If it allows the world to go back in the future, it will be women," he said. "Women will change the world". Holland is sure.

Source: Apa / Dpa

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