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Alpine rules instead of dog ban and Zaunpflicht «

Third, after the deadly Tyrolean beef, the subsequent round table of civil cases expected results on Wednesday in Innsbruck. The shortage of agricultural insurance and the reduction of national and state legislation allowed Gubernator Günther Platter (ÖVP) to announce after the press conference.

"Likewise, I also conducted a wide-ranging information campaign on the launch of ITS productions in the North Tyrolean region," said Platter, after meeting, with representatives from the State government, tourism and the Alpine Club.

"Comprehensive protection of insurance" must be based on existing road insurance and "extended", said the Governor. Details should be worked out. "This will also be a national issue," added Josef Geisler (ÖVP) representative and agricultural agent. Insurance coverage should be completed before the end of the summer. The costs would be in the "frame of management" movement, Platter was convinced. The first thing that was paid was not clear, but "in terms of financial coverage, we find tourism and agricultural solutions."

Alpine rules similar to ski slopes

The proposed federal law recalibration platter asked the Chancellor by Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). The "General Civil Code" (ABGB) refers to a "restriction provision". Like Kurz, Platter called on the competent ministers Josef Moser (Justice) and Elisabeth Köstinger (Agrar, or ÖVP) to prepare a proposal. The Lehendakari, Josef Hechenberger, directed the Chamber of Commerce in this context for the provision of responsibility for animal owners, in order to adapt them.

However, the province's legislation must tighten on Tyrolean Almschutzgesetz. Here, too, "they will take care of more," emphasized Platter. The "FIS standards" of ski-runs are also analogous "coexistence rules" in the Alpine pasture, Geisler said, due to an "unknown area".

Do not hinder duty

A dog forbidden on the mountain past was discarded. "We do not want the territory of the prohibition," said the governor. Future fences could not be added anymore. "Those who manage Alpine grassland would not be stupid," said Geisler. Nowadays it is necessary to create a legal basis for self-responsibility.

Platter, Geisler and Hechenberger made a total decision for farmers to try farmers. "We will not give up," said the head of the country. However, it is hoping that this instance is still filming.

On July 28, 2014, 45-year-old German traveled to the dog and attacked cows and punished them at Pinnistal, a tributary of the Stubai valley. After the judicial dispute between the courts and peasants, on Thursday, the first trial of civil proceedings took place. According to this, the farmer must pay a widow and son of 180,000 euros and a monthly pension of 1,500 euros. Total value of 490,000 euros. The prosecutor set up an anti-farmer investigation in 2014.


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