Sunday , August 14 2022

Amira Pocher is lighting up a new source of inspiration for her fans!


Your belly is growing! In mid-June, Amira (28) and Oliver Pocher (42) surprised the fans with a sweet message: they are expecting their second son together. Not even a year after the son was born, the beauty is pregnant again. The moderator doesn’t give a lot of pregnancy a second time, but now she’s making a small exception: Amira shares her pretty weird photo with a baby!

Your Instagram-Page, the 28-year-old presents the result of a photo shoot, mainly depicting the growing core. “Not much more, then I’ll finally get to know you”, writes a beautiful picture. Your followers are happy with this photo and are working on commenting on heart emojis and numerous “wow” phrases.

He said this on the podcast a few months ago “Pochers here!”that she really hated being pregnant. Her second pregnancy has been much calmer so far. “It started much better than the last one because I’m not sick at all. I actually feel fit. It’s worth a lot to get rid of nausea from time to time,” he admitted openly.

Oliver and Amira Pocher "Pocher - Honestly Dangerous!"

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowuis

Oliver and Amira Pocher “Pocher – Dangerously Honest!”
Amira Pocher in August 2020
Amira Pocher, September 2020

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