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Amon may request a revision of Goldberger's possible suspension "

Yesterday, he was arrested on Friday by Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) on the occasion of the Subcommittee on Constitutional and Corruption Protection Office (BVT) against the Subcommittee on Foral, Werner Amon was once again the leader. Peter Goldgruber proposed the final suspension of the Secretary-General.

This was the basis of the extraordinary statements by Minister of Justice Josef Moser (ÖVP). He reported several reports, suspects and cause in the BVT cause, including Kickl's General Secrets Goldgruber. This is directed as a suspect. The Interior Minister Kickl was apparently only partially confirmed about BAT-related events, said Amon and proposed an interim suspension.

The pending cases in Korneuburg, which were long overdue, were also convenient for the second person. The prosecutor, Ursula Schmudermayer, questioned for the third time that "honor" was not the first time to talk about all things: reason: Korneuburg also directs him as a suspect, among other things, as opposed to the U-committee mischief. For this reason, the prosecutor's office did not want to ask questions about the question.

Although the priests and procedural judges were not happy, Schmudermayer continued on his own. However, he did not give a few details. For example, Goldgruber said that having the order ordered by content. The literal protocol was not that.

Moser avoided criticism

Justice Minister Moser questioned, due to the good reasons, he was not particularly fruitful. The Minister of the Department avoided accusations to the Public Prosecutor and Interior Department.

In the end, he remained in the position of well-known position, who in future would have to choose a different approach with the delicate Causen. He believes he is "a civil servant" if the Prosecutor General participates in investigations into private interests. In this case, this has not happened because the law does not give it. Reporters should be notified in writing of the idea of ​​Moser, which did not happen at BVT Cause, even before approving the search for the house.

Under the pressure of research, Moser pulls out. Otherwise, it would probably not be a demand for a home search in the late afternoon. Above all, Goldgruber's closest association, Udo Lett, has put pressure on suspensions. The Minister does not take into account such a ritual.

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