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Analysis: Measles is damaging immune system over the years

Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna – The cases are more and more. Recently, it was known in Tyrol's Alpbachtal that a child is ill. Discussions on vaccines are getting worse. Virologists of Vienna have now joined Science Published 2015 study, which refuses the benefits of "natural" infections. On the other hand, research has shown that elmorrhagic impairs the immune system of the patients over the years. Lukas Weseslindtner and Heidemarie Holzmann, in the field of Medun Viï, in the epidemiological information of the current virus.

"Now it is a valuable scientific evidence, which clearly demonstrates the opposite, and has shown that elmorrhagic has been immune to the immune system for several years, because of infectious diseases, it is increasing mortality," wrote Virology experts in Vienna.

"The crab does not hurt"

The vaccine against vaccination is often an argument that questions the benefits of the vaccine for alcohol, the introduction of a "natural" widow "strengthens" the immune system. "It should be recalled that elmorrhagia is not harmful, but with a high rate of hospitalization and complication (about 20 percent). (…) mortality rates are linked. According to the World Health Organization (Elgoibar), hawk is still in all ages across the world Between 130,000 and 160,000 deaths a year, "the researchers wrote.


In any case, the immune system is very important in the development of the disease. "On the one hand, certain cells of the immune system, such as dendritic cells, T and B lymphocytes are target cells of the virus, because in the early stages of the infection they lose their cells and, as a result, leukopenia (loss of white blood cells," said Virologists .

The most recent immunological research, especially the macaques, has been shown as an experimental animal as a separate image. "The reflexive virus does not discriminate against the lymphocytes but infiltrates the memory cells through a specific target (CD150). Leukopenia in the context of memory cells, which in previous years exceeded some infectious diseases, were almost exclusively lost," wrote scientists. All that was left was a specific cell memory of the elm virus. Although hemorrhoid immunity is permanent, it is created as a result of greater sensitivity towards other pathogens.

Increase the sensitivity towards other pathogens

Scientists, in the most costly statistical analysis, had vaccines that included alcohol, vaccines in England, the USA, and Denmark, among others, the rate of death, the evaluation of infectious diseases.

Virologists from Vienna wrote: "It is clear that the findings of the elmorrhagic (effect) and the death rate were associated with diseases of other diseases, for example, the incidence of elmorrhosis was particularly significant in certain years, and the death of other infections caused by other agents."

Reflecting the vaccinations vaccine also resulted in the massive decay of these cases, but also the high mortality of subsequent infections. "The measles occurred with a specific vaccine entry and it was not coincidentally, because it proved to be an analogy to the effect of the anti-pertussion on the death of infectious diseases."

As an analog of the results of animal experiments, human assessment would be possible for how long it could be to damage cellular memory pool. Biologists wrote: "The results were surprising: the risk of dying from other infectious diseases in a short time, after two or three years after alcohol, has grown significantly." (APA)

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