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Apple patents keep track of the method


News and rumors: November 26, 2018

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Apple has been granted a patent, which can also cause sleep monitoring. So far, the company does not offer anything in this area. The knowledge required has been around for some time.

The Patent and Trademark Office of the Spanish Office describes a new patent that describes how many people sleep. Until now, Apple does not offer a sleep monitoring solution, such as Apple Watch.

The watcher does not have to be the main source of information today, Apple thinks of an unrelated sleeping loop before the user sleeps.

In addition, there are many sensors that are distributed throughout the bed and sleep movements throughout the night.

The ability is already available

The specialization required to keep track of already existing Apple already exists, if you have not yet created a product. But the company already purchased the Beddit healthcare last year, which developed a number of follow-up sleeping solutions.

Living signals, for example, include the pulse of the dresser, including external parameters, such as measuring the temperature of the temperature.

However, Beddit's products were removed from the market after the purchase of Apple. It is not clear that Apple will launch its solution, but it is likely that Cupertino will sooner or later turn to this issue.

Sleeping a healthy Apple has been worrying earlier, so it's been a long-time "bedtime" function to regulate bedtime in iOS a way.

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