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Awarded by the United States Film Association "Green Book" and Lady Gaga «kleinezeitung.at


The biography of the "Black Book" about black and white jazz in the 1960s has been voted on by the National Board of Review of the US film industry. Viggo Mortens was the best actor. Lady Gaga, a singer, is a lover of "A Star Born Born", with an alcoholic country star, nominated for Best Actor.

23:09, November 27, 2018


The association announces the awards on Tuesday and will be distributed on January 8 in a New York gala. These are the trophies of the most important trophies and end in February with Oscars of Hollywood.

He won two awards, "Star a Born", for Bradley Cooper and assistant director Sam Elliott. The best non-cinematographic language in English was convinced by the Polish drama of the "Cold War" Pawel Pawlikowski.

Since 1929, since 1929, since 1929, since 1930, the "National Council Review" is organized. Last year, Steven Spielberg was the best political drama, "The Post" (the German film Die Verlegerin). He was nominated for an Oscar nomination twice, the best film and best actress Meryl Streep, but it was vacant.

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