Tuesday , June 22 2021

Bayern: Jupp Heynckes breaks Kovacen and crisis – Bundesliga

As a start coach this summer, Jupp Heynckes (73) did not report his Bayern comments. So far!

"Westdeutsche Zeitung" (Wednesday's edition), former coaching champion of Bavaria began the crisis of its club and had a position with his successor Niko Kovac (47).

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Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

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Jupp Heynckes (on the left) and Bayern's heir Niko Kovac (then Frankfurt coach) before finishing the Cup in 2018Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

"A young trainer comes and wants to throw down the world," said Heynckes. "Niko Kovac is not only in Munich".

Heynckes said: "There are good boys and divas, and then major players are serious injuries."

The triple coach of 2013: "Mountain troubles are emerging."

Heynckes breaks his Bavarian silence

Kovac played Bayern Uli Hoeness (66) in the Bayern Munich (66) match against 3: 3 and Dusseldorf.

The Champions League against Benfica against Lisbon (Skytik 21 and BILD against the direct ticker) is still a good candidate for Bayern.

Otherwise, the words of Heynckes are not very helpful …

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