Friday , June 18 2021

Blatt: former German Bank Schenck goes to Perella Weinberg

Frankfurt (APA / dpa) – Former Deputy CEO of Deutsche Bank, Marcus Schenck, Perella Weinberg becomes a member of the US investment bank. He moved to London in February, saying "Handelsblatt" (Tuesday). In it, amongst others, financial service providers, the industrial client and the energy company advise.

Schenck will also help "ask how to grow current growth," said Europe CEO Perella Weinberg, Dietrich Becker. Schenck said "Handelsblatt": "I would like to get closer to the pitch."

In May of this year, he was a senior banker and member of the Deutsche Bank management team and he left the group after that, but Christian Sewing was appointed CEO and successor to John Cryan.

"It was an exciting and enriching experience," said German Schenck at the senior financial retrospective of his time. "At that time, however, the Bank re-invested the European bank investment bank. Today, it is clear that this is no longer the right strategic direction of the bank, which is why I am not in any way".

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