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Börse Express – CORRECCIÓN / ROUNDUP: Bundesbank allocates 42 million euros to the federal government's profits

(Sixth paragraph, explanation of risk provisions

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – Olaf Scholz (SPD) accepts the Finance Ministry's Finance
In future, Bundesbank's profits have increased. The Germans
The Bundesbank has given $ 2.4 million to the federal government last year
Euro. One year before, it was 1.9 million euros. "decisive
As a result of growth, there is a greater interest income
Negotiations on the rise in deposits, "he explained
President of Bundesbank Jens Weidmann on Wednesday in Frankfurt.

Savings banks and banks have to pay a penalty of 0.4% in the eurozone,
in the central bank when parking money. That should be the loan
to boost

In general, the Bundesbank won last year
Excess sales of 2.5 million euros
100 million pension payments for the previous year.
The remaining 2.4 million went to the federal government.

The Ministry of Finance has traditionally planned the profits of the Bundesbank
Amount of 2.5 million in the federal budget – so much
again for 2019 and next year. What is this about?
Excludes, usually, the reduction of debt.

Since the establishment of the Euro in 1999, the Bundesbank has achieved it every year
Profits, highest in 2001, 11.2 million euros. In the
A few years ago, the Ministry of Finance was clear
The federal government is smaller than expected, among others
Federal Reserve prevention of common risks
Eurozone monetary policy increased and pension money
lie down In 2016, the Bundesbank transferred 399
Millions of euros, for 2017, amounted to € 1.9 million to the federal government.

Money supply risk subsidies under the guidance of money
The European Central Bank (ECB) added more to the Bundesbank. du
The so-called risk provisions amounted to 1,475 million euros
17.9 million euros have risen. Bundesbank adapts
interest rate change risk Mighty
Many of the values ​​that come from the ECB bond purchase program will be available
Yearly interesting. Interest rate rises
Central banks are at the same time again interested
Pay deposits.

Until now, the ECB has won and with it the national ones
Eurozone central banks in good condition and
Paper corporations are great since March 2015
buy last year Total amount: 2.6 trillion euros.
The surplus of the ECB increased by 1.6% last year
Millions of euros. This win will be at national central banks
Distribution of 19 euros. Good 26 percent and therefore the greatest
The group, Bundesbank, is part of the ECB's shareholder.

The most important source of revenue from the Bundesbank is traditional
Interest income. Net interest income increased in the last year
Compared to the previous year, 1.0 million and 6.2 million euros

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