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Börse Express – ROUNDUP: Hiker Nissan gives advice on top manager Ghosn

Three days after a spectacular arrest
Carlos Ghosn's CEO recommends the Nissan Group management
On Thursday (5:00 p.m. German time)
The effects of the thing. Japan's second-largest car will be in Ghos
and also was arrested by the director Greg Kelly
Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa has already ruled out
Announced the week

The Renault Nissan boss Ghosn hits
big waves There is concern in France
Earlier, Ghosn Autoimperiums controlled it. That's why in Paris
French Economy and Finance Deputy Bruno Le Maire
Japanese Economy Minister Hiroshige Seko afternoon

The two French sailors want the French-Japanese crisis
Reservation Car Alliance. The Alliance belongs to Renault
Nissan is also a Japanese Mitsubishi manufacturer.

Stock market suspects in Ghos and
Kelly was arrested on Monday. Both managers should
Pay for bad debt in official reports on the Japanese Stock Exchange
and Ghosn's case was very small. Ghosn
Five more than 5 years have since 2011
Billion yen (about 40 million euros) is too low income,
have media reports

A Tokyo court ruled on Wednesday
At the start of the 64-year-old Ghosn it was held ten days later
it should be. Renault gave a temporary transfer to Thierry Bolloré
In management, while Ghos is "in a hurry". Ghosn stays
But the first president and CEO.

Ghosn is currently with Nissan's Board of Directors and Renault
Managing Director. In addition, the original Brazilian man drives
The strong alliance between two cars at that time
The cross affects each other. / Tk / PS / zb

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