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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / New York goods. Conclusion: Lost after the end of North Korea's top meeting

The top meeting in North Korea is over
Thursday Wall Street a bit down. US President
Donald Trump and North Korean Kim Jong Un were captured
Not a two-day speech in Hanoi nor the least compromise
some According to Stockbrokers, I expect one
Peace settlement and nuclear disarmament
Korean peninsula is being destroyed.

In this way, the US benchmark index fell to Dow Jones Industrial around 0.27
25 916.00 percentage points. In the month view, this always means
still 3.67%. It was in January
Stock market barometer after a weak year 2018, 7%
He jumped high.

S & P 500 throughout the market He lost on Thursday 0.28
Percentage of 2784.49 points. Nasdaq heavyweight technology 100
It fell from 0.27% to 7097.53.

In addition, weekly job market data is disappointed as a number
Initial unemployment claims rose faster than expected
was it However, domestic raw products moved in the fourth quarter
Towards 2018, more clearly than experts
announces it.

Under individual values, Celgene shares lowered
Less than 9 percent, if there were industrial lags
Nasdaq 100. The beginning of the giant Bristol-Myers pharmacy
Squibb (BMS) Celgene announced a biopharmaceutical specialist
want to buy But now bang: the biggest shareholder
BMS is against it. Wellington Management investment company, almost everything
It has nine percent of the pharmaceutical company, it has been bothered by many
Things. Therefore, BMS shareholders are very persuasive
Shoulder Risks

He also talked about the investor-investor in the BMS
Starboard coping face to face. Bristol-Myers Squibb papers
Put more than 1% of the message.

Nasdaq at 100 points, Monster's actions were fired
Drink almost a drink of 9 per cent. Energy Drink Manufacturer
In the fourth quarter, the share's earnings were in the market expectations

HP shares However, more than 17 broke
The first percentage of the PC and printers manufacturer
Its income ratios and also the tax quarter is eliminated
view dropped After sales weak sales
Now less confident in the printer supply business, he wrote
Wilson Mohan, analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

It was fourth in the SeaWorld Entertainment gaming operator
The neighborhood was less than a dreadful loss and when
Sales are positively shocked. Sharing certificates have risen
almost 8 percent higher.

Wabco shareholders were also pleased :
Friedrichshafen automotive supplier extends its sensitive ZF
re-carefully after the manufacturer. Wabco papers
They were 5 percent higher. About 23 points are $ 1.52
J. C. Penney's shares jumped in the
Height The department store was a group
Sales and profit market expectations have been exceeded.

Euro course Lastly, $ 1,1372.
The European Central Bank had a reference rate of 1,1416
(Wednesday: 1,1386) dollars settled. The dollar cost 0.8760
(0.8783) euro. Ten-year US government bonds have fallen
He scored 99/6 points and 2,719 points at 10/32 points

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