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Burger King swallowed Rosenberger |

Burger King swallowed Rosenberger

VIENNA. Burger King has 14 establishments and 330 workers in Austria. Austrian masterfranchisnehmer TQSR announced the fastest food chain in the United States to buy the operator Rosenberger in the fall zone.

Burger King extends to Austria. Picture: (Reuters)

The TQSR has put 40 million euros on the table, of which 30 million euros are invested in the freeway services, the rest is for creditors, Creditreform said.

Vienna. The transaction value, including net loans, was around 9 million euros, the TQSR said. The company is a member of Theophil Group, Viennese business lawyer, Dieter Spranz, and is currently the franchisee of the 50 Burger King branches in Austria. TQSR acquires 20 restaurants.

He invented his own "Rosenburger"

Burger King wants to adhere to Rosenberger, Creditreform envisages a separate "Rosenburger". TQSR wants to rely on a concept with several brands: "Besides the Burger King and Rosenberger brand, two other system concepts have also been created, along with integrated Rosenberger restaurants and popular brands," said the TQSR press release. Rosenberger will "offer Austrian fine cuisine in the future in the field of modern cooking". The first changes within one year should be visible to customers. After two years, it has to be converted.

Burger King and Rosenberger already created a joint venture at the start of 2017. BurgerKing rented it in Rosenberger's services area. Due to the financial difficulties of Rosenberger, the planned cooperation was maintained. "The commitment made by Rosenberger's first solidarity partner allows us to select pre-works and determine the concept of a multi-brand concept that has been proven and tested in many other European countries," said TQSR CEO Hartmut Graf.

The resolution was resolved on March 12

The purchase of Rosenberger is stamped and sealed on March 12 at Sanierungsplantagsatzung. The Burger King franchise is financed by a 20% share. The first court ruled on 12 February, with 683 creditors, including 420 employees, registering claims of 23.7 million euros.

Rosenberger started 17 locations in December and more than 600 employees. Ampassen (Tirol) was definitely closed to the liquidator in January, and Haag decided to renew it again. In addition, TQSR combines 19 people with Raststätte Lindach in Upper Austria. It is not planned to complete a restructuring process if there is a significant reduction in staff or a special reduction, said TQSR.

It is also broadcast by Burger King in the media reports that national and international interested parties participated in the sale of Rosenberger, including the famous "Burger King and Rosenberger". McDonald's Austrian chief, Isabelle Kuster, recently said in a conversation, to look for individual locations. Since Rosenberger must sell it generally, there is no agreement or negotiation with a liquidator, so Kuster was two weeks ago. Interested parties, such as the ÖBB restaurant, were Josef Donhauser, Landzeit and Tank & Rast German service providers.

Until recently, Rosenberger had most Chinese investors. However, after the bankruptcy of the subsidiaries, they sold shares of Rosenberger Holding to the Viennese businesswoman Connexio.

Since 2015, TQSR has been the main manager of Austrian Burger King activities. In addition to marketing, it also includes billing and purchasing. After purchasing Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH, TQSR works for about 800 people in Austria. As regards the addition of Rosenberger, there are three halls of Burger King for the seven new bows in Austria this year.

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